Western Engineering Concrete Canoe Association

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What is WECCA?

WECCA (Western Engineering Concrete Canoe Association) is a team of roughly 80 students that create and race a concrete canoe (it really does float)!

By joining WECCA, I got hands on experience and got to develop skills that classes just don't teach you. Steven Lawrence, Construction Captain
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Every year, the Canadian National Concrete Canoe Competition (CNCCC) is hosted at a Canadian Univesity. Canadian Universities compete, and are judged based on technical, academic and physical performance.

Since 1994, the CNCCC have been happening annually, attracting about12 teams from universities across Canada. The competition is separated in 4 sections: Presentation, Technical Report, Quality of Finished Product, and Races. Races include: Female, Male & Co-ed Sprints, and Male & Female Slalom/Endurance categories.

Jordan, Sponsorship Captain


I am a fourth year student at Western. This is also my fourth year in WECCA and I have been involved as a general member, Head of mold, and now as Sponsorship Captain. I am currently completing a dual degree in Civil Engineering and Business at the Ivey School of Business.

Priya, Logistics Captain


I’m Priya Shrestha, a third year Green Process Engineering Student. I’m the Logistics Captain so I take care of a lot of organizational items for WECCA, including being the liaison between the team and other groups, planning our general meetings, communicating with the Canadian National Concrete Canoe Competition Committee, and recruiting new members!

Steven, Construction Captain


My name is Steven Lawrence and I am the Construction Captain WECCA 2018-2019 year. I am in third year Mechatronics and have been on WECCA since first year. As Construction Captain, my job is to make sure the construction of the canoe is completed within schedule and deal with any problems along the way.