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Western Engineering Concrete Canoe Association

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The Canoe

WECCA builds a canoe each year out of concrete. Unlike traditional concrete (which uses heavy aggregates like stone and sand), WECCA mixes the concrete with microspheres and other light materials. With our biggest team for 2017-2018, WECCA is looking forward to trying new techniques. Each year WECCA performs computer aided hull analysis and extensive material test to redesign: Hull, Concrete Mix, Mould, and Concrete Reinforcement

WECCA then constructs the mould based on cross sections of the computer model and cast the canoe. The canoe takes 28 days of curing to reach its appropriate strength, after which it is carefully sanded, and stained with a unique design created by the theme head.


The Racers

WECCA has established itself as one of the dominant racing teams from Ontario. The race team is selected, and is made up of 3 girls and 3 boys.