March 2011: Second Annual Walking Competition

     WE Bots held its second annual walking race March 16 2010, with the competition open to walking robots made by Western staff and students. It showcased some of the established and up and coming talent and Western. There were 4 operational entries in to the competition that featured a modified course from last year.

     The robots were required to walk down a hallway to a T intersection. They were then required to turn either direction and walk over a carpet. There was also a bonus track that could be attempted, the robot could either travel over a teeter-totter or climb a staircase. If the robots could complete either of the bonus courses, they were given extra points, as well as getting points for fastest times and for high quality design and construction.

     The competition was won by Bug, built by Eugen Porter, which completed the course on every attempt and completed the teeter-totter bonus course as well. Second place was Peter Blokker, a second year mechanical engineering student, with his four legged entry. Adam Wilson finished in third place, with Alex Fung coming in fourth.

     The contest was another great opportunity to see the robotics talent at Western, a learning experience for all involved. We hope the competition will continue to grow and have more entries from a range of students and staff in the coming years.

March 2010: First Annual Walking Competition

     WE Bots held it's first robotics competition on January 29 2010. The competition was open to all students , staff and faculty and was an exciting showcase of the talent here at UWO. There were four operational entries into the biped walker category. The robots were tasked with travelling five meters in a motion that simulated human walking movement.

     Jermey Cepek and his robot "Meowbot" came in first place with a time of 1 minute and 4 seconds. In second place was Tom Kurowski's robot "Junk Yard Joe" with a time of 4 minutes and 42 seconds.

     In the multi-legged bot category there were two entries which had to travel one meter. Adam Wilson came in first with a time of 2 minutes and 32 seconds. In second place was Peter Blokker with a one meter time of 3 minutes and 6 seconds.

     Overall the competition was a fun event that showed the great talent of the students and staff of Western Engineering. We hope to bring the competition back next year and have it be bigger and better!

May 2008: Western WE Bots team finishes second in Autonomous Racing Challenge 2008

     Western Engineering's Robotics club (WE Bots) finished in 2nd place in this years Autonomous Racing Challenge held on Saturday, April 26. Eight teams competed from across the country including groups from Quebec and as far away as British Columbia.

In the three components WE Bots placed 1st in the static judging of engineering design, complexity, execution, and audience appeal. It placed 3rd in the 30 meter drag race, and finished 2nd in the four lap head-to-head autonomous circuit challenge. Overall WE Bots took 2nd place.

At the core of WE Bots entry was a new design that was based on a heavily modified chassis from a high-end RC racer. The modifications included a redesigned and custom machined chassis to house two electrically-synchronized 1HP brushless motors, six lithium-polymer battery packs with shutdown and over current protection and a sophisticated control system involving 9 microcontrollers all working together to handle all of the various sensory input, navigation and motor control duties.

"Overall, the vehicle is very impressive and is a strong, fast and a precision machine. It is a huge improvement over our previous design which needed constant corrections to maintain a straight line. Time restraints in programming prevented the vehicle from performing to its full potential, being set at speeds in the competition far below its performance capability. Nevertheless we were very pleased this year and are excited to show it off at its full potential in future” says club president Nathan Newport.



May 2007: Western WE Bots team finishes first in Autonomous Racing Challenge 2007

WE Bots, Western Engineering’s robotics team, finished first in the Autonomous Racing Challenge 2007 at the University of Waterloo on the 27th of April.

May 2006: WE Bots team takes third in 2006 Autonomous Racing Challenge

The Western Engineering Robotics team placed third behind two robots designed by different robotic teams from the University of Waterloo. This was a very impressive effort for the newly established club.