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Western Engineering students, at the graduate and undergraduate level, have the opportunity to learn from world-renowned water experts. From classroom lectures to hands-on experiments, Western’s researchers and facilities offer real-world knowledge and experiences.


Western’s Department of Chemical & Biochemical Engineering introduced the very first undergraduate program in Green Process Engineering in Canada in 2009 with the goal of preparing a new generation of engineers that will create and implement the new environmentally responsible and sustainable processes of the future.
Students interested in gaining international knowledge have the opportunity to participate in active programs of valuable collaboration with Mexico and Africa via the Institute of Advanced Studies Canada-Mexico and the Civil and Environmental Engineering International Development program. These exceptional undertakings principally address the implementation of water purification in conjunction with new semiconductor materials and extensive use of solar energy in countries benefiting of high levels of solar irradiation.
The Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering also offers courses in drinking water treatment at both the undergraduate (Year 3) and graduate levels. In addition, there is a water resources management course in Year 3 of the International Development option and a wastewater treatment course in the International Development and Environmental options. There are hydrology and groundwater modeling courses offered in collaboration with the Department of Earth Sciences.

Student Clubs

Engineers without Borders promotes human development through increasing access to technology to help communities around the world improve their standard of living. In the past four years Canada’s EWB has sent over 100 young Canadian engineers to work on 35 projects in 20 countries.

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TWNER Brochure

TWNER Brochure

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Ajay Ray
Department Chair, Chemical & Biochemical Engineering

Ernest Yanful
Department Chair, Civil & Environmental Engineering

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