Approved Upper Year Non-Technical Elective Courses

The following courses are approved non-technical elective half courses that do not have first year prerequisites. Note that some courses may not be offered in a given year.

If you wish to take a course that is not on the list, your choice of elective must be approved by the Associate Dean, Academic (or designate) in the Faculty Engineering. Language courses and courses with a science focus cannot be approved according to CEAB guidelines. This includes the following courses: Economics 2122A/B, 2123A/B, 2141A/B, 2142A/B, Classical Studies 2700A/B, 2700A/B, 2710A/B, 2800A/B and all language courses (learn-to-speak).

Centre for Global Studies (Huron University College)

2340F/G - Mapping the Middle East
2341F/G - Perceptions of the Middle East
3001F/G - Applied Research Ethics for Global Studies
3002F/G -
Participatory Research Methodologies
3003F/G -
Gender and Development
3004A/B -
International Development Project Management
- Contemporary Critical Theory in Global Studies

Classical Studies

2301A/B - Crime and Punishment in Ancient Greece and Rome
2302A/B - Greek and Roman Education
2350A/B - Roman Conquests and Cultural Identities
2440A/B - Alexander the Great
2500A/B - Ancient Cities in the Mediterranean
2810A/B - Ancient Greece on Film
2850A/B - Ancient Rome in Hollywood Epic Films

Comparative Literature and Culture

2110F/G - Utopias and Visions of the Future
2115F/G - The Irrational in 20th Century Literature and Art
2120F/G - The Grotesque
2130F/G - International Children’s Literature
2150F/G - The Languages of Europe
2191F/G* - Special Topic in Comparative Literature and Culture*
2192F/G* - Special Topic in Comparative Literature and Culture*
2193F/G* - Special Topic in Comparative Literature and Culture*
2194F/G* - Special Topic in Comparative Literature and Culture*


Economics 1021A/B and 1022A/B or 1020 is a prerequisite for all of the following courses:

2111F/G - Economic History of Canada I (King’s)
2112F/G - Economic History of Canada II (King’s)
2114F/G - Asian Economies (Huron)
2116A/B - Economic History of Canada I
2117A/B - Economic History of Canada II
2120A/B - The Financial Economics of the Firm (Huron)
2121A/B - The Firm and Financial Markets (Huron)
2124A/B - Economic Development I
2125A/B - Economic Development II
2126F/G - The International Economy in Historical Perspective I
2127F/G - The International Economy in Historical Perspective II
2128A/B - Economics of China
2129A/B - Managerial Economics
2150A/B - Intermediate Microeconomic Theory I
2152A/B - Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory and Policy I
2154A/B - Money
2156A/B - Labor Economics-Bargaining
2157F/G - Urban Economics
2160A/B - Public Finance - Revenue
2161F/G - Income Distribution and Poverty
2166F/G - Economics of Air Transportation
2167A/B - International Economics
2169F/G - Economics of Health Care
2171F/G - Comparative Economic Systems
2172A/B - Natural Resource and Environmental Economics
2182A/B - Economics of Sport
2186A/B* - Special Topics in Economics*
2189A/B* - Special Topics in Economics and Economic Policy*
2190A/B* - Special Topics in Economics and Economic Policy*
2196A/B - Economic History of the United States I
2197A/B - Economic History of the United States II

Engineering Science

3330A/B - Engineering Innovation I: New Venture Creation
- Engineering Innovation II: Managing the Innovation Process
4466A/B - Technological Entrepreneurship and Innovation (*note: corequisite is BUS 2257 or BUS 2299)
4480A/B - Engineering Innovation III: Leadership & Corporate Entrepreneurship
4481A/B - Engineering Innovation IV: The Entrepreneurial Environment


2018A/B - The Culture of Leadership I
2019A/B -
The Culture of Leadership II
2021F/G -
Science Fiction and Religion (Brescia)
- Literature and Film (Huron)
2028F/G - Topics in Literature and Film (Huron)
2071F/G - Speculative Fiction: Science Fiction
2072F/G - Speculative Fiction: Fantasy
2073F/G - Speculative Fiction: Utopias & Dystopias
2074F/G - Mystery and Detective Fiction
2075F/G - Cultures of Blood: The Contemporary Gothic
2091F/G* - Special Topics*
2092F/G* - Special Topics*

Film Studies

2152F/G - Contemporary American Cinema
2153A/B - American Television and Culture
2158F/G - Contemporary Canadian Cinema
2191F/G* - Special Topics in Film Studies*
2198a/b* - Special Topics in Film Studies*


2110F/G - Contemporary European Culture: France
2111F* - Selected Topics in French Literature and Culture in English*
2112G* - Selected Topics in French Literature and Culture in English*
2113F* - Special Topics in Francophone Cultural Studies*
2114G* - Special Topics in Francophone Cultural Studies*
2115F* - Special Topics in Language Studies*
2116G* - Special Topics in Language Studies*


2010A/B - Geography of Canada
2011A/B - Ontario and the Great Lakes
2020A/B - Latin America and the Caribbean: Landscapes of Inequality
2030A/B - Africa South of the Sahara
2040A/B - Geography of East and Southeast Asia
2041F/G - Geography of China
2045A/B - Russia and the Former Soviet Union: The Legacy
2050A/B - Western Europe
2060A/B - World Cities
2071A/B - World Rivers
2090A/B - Space Exploration
2131A/B - The Natural Environment
2132A/B - Digital Earth
2133A/B - Climate Change
2142A/B - Geopolitics
2143A/B - Foundations of the Geography of World Business
2144F/G - Geography of Tourism
2152A/B - Geography of Hazards
2153A/B - Environment, Economy, and Society
2156A/B - Animal Geographies
2162A/B - Plannine Sustainable Cities
2191A/B* - Selected Topics in Geography*
2192A/B* - Selected Topics in Geography*


2140F/G - German-Jewish Literature
2160F/G* - Special Topics in German Studies*
2161F/G* - Special Topics in German Studies*


2122A/B - Building Modern Canada, 1845-1945
2124F/G -
Sounds, Sights & Bits: Explorations in 20th Century Canadian Popular Culture
- Canadian Business and Labor History
2126A/B - Editorial Cartoons in Canadian History (Brescia)
2127F/G - Toward Today's Canada: Selected Themes, Postwar to Present
2129A/B - Why is Canada so Big?  A History of Canada's Size
2131A/B - The Presidency in American History
2132A/B - From Coney Island to The Real Housewives of Beveryly Hills: The History of American Popular Culture
2145A/B - Twentieth Century Totalitarianism
2147A/B - Nazi Germany
2149A/B - Medieval Lives
2158A/B - Food in World History (Brescia)
2163A - Korean Social and Cultural History Before 1900 (King’s)
2165B - Korean Social and Cultural History Since 1900 (King’s)
2168A/B - Tackling Nature: The Environment in Canadian History (Brescia)
2170A/B - Parks, People and Power (Brescia)
2182A/B - Social History of Women in Canada
2183A/B - Women in the Work Force 1700-1990
2190A/B - Crime in North American Society (King's)
2193A/B - Conspiracy Theories in American History (King's)
2194A/B - America at Bat: US History Through Baseball (King's)
2195A/B - Epidemics in North America (King's)
2197A/B - Origins of Global Capitalism (King's)
2296F/G* - Selected Topics in Canadian History*
2299F/G* - Selected Topics in Canadian History*
2303F/G - The Crucible of the Modern World: The United States and the International Community, 1935 to the Present
2415F/G - The History of Crime
2604F/G - European Imperialism in Africa 1830-1994 (Huron)
2067F/G - The History and Civilization of Modern Islam
2608F/G - The History of the Modern Middle East
2703F/G - The Cultural Mosaic and the Melting Pot
2707F/G - Crime and Punishment in Nineteeth Century US, Canada and UK (Huron)
2708F/G - Crime and Punishment in Twentieth Centure US, Canada and UK (Huron)
2709F/G - Race, Rights and Revolution: The Atlantic World in the Eighteenth Century (Huron)
2807F/G - Entrepreneurship in the United States and Canada since 1800
2810F/G - Gender and Modern Europe, 1789-1989 (Huron)
2814F/G - The History of Aviation


2241F/G - Italian Popular Films


2185A/B - Introduction to Languages in Canada
- Introduction to Language and Gender
2187A/B - Introduction to Language Science


2171A/B - Music in Global Contexts II
- Post World War II Popular Music
2701A/B - Musical Theatre
2702A/B - Introduction to Jazz


2001F/G - Architects of Reason
2010F/G - Philosophy of Food
2026F/G - Philosophy of Economics
2033A/B - Introduction to Environmental Philosophy
2035F/G - Nature, Ecology and the Future
2043F/G - Philosophy and Psychoanalysis
2065F/G - Evil
2072F/G - Bioethics (King’s)
2073F/G - Death
2074F/G - Business Ethics
2075F/G - Business Ethics in a Global Context (King’s)
2077F/G - Gender and Sexuality
2083F/G - Terrorism
2091F/G - Philosophy in Literature
2111F/G - Oriental Philosophy (Huron)
2112F/G - Chinese Philosophy (Huron)
2200F/G - Ancient Philosophy
2202F/G - Early Modern Philosophy
2230F/G - Philosophy and the Arts (Brescia)
2235F/G - The Reel and the Real: Philosophy of Flim (King's)
2253A/B - Introduction to Decision Analysis
2260F/G - Introduction to Philosophy of Language
2400F/G - Introduction to Philosophy of Mind
2410F/G - Issues in Philosophy of Emotions
2500F/G - Introduction to Theory of Knowledge
2553F/G - Forerunners of Existentialism (Huron)
2555F/G - Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy
2556F/G - Phenomenology and Diversity
2630F/G - Feminist Philosophy
2661F/G - Philosophy of Religion
2662F/G - Topics in Philosophy of Religion
2663F/G - Ethics and Christianity (Brescia)
2665F/G - Introduction to Jewish Philosophy 1: From the Beginnings to the Italian Renaissance (Huron)
2667F/G - Introduction to Jewish Philosophy 2: Early Modern to Contemporary (Huron)
2668F/G - Introduction to Islamic Thought (King’s)
2670F/G - Philosophy of History (Huron)
2700F/G - Introduction to Ethics and Value Theory
2702F/G - Modes of Normative Reasoning I
2703F/G - Modes of Noirmative Reasoning II
2710F/G - Reproductive Ethics
2715F/G - Health Care Ethics
2720F/G - The Ethics of Professional Relationships
2730F/G - Media Ethics
2740F/G - Philosophy of Human Nature and the Person (King's)
2750F/G - Ethics in Action
2800F/G - History of Political Philosophy
2801F/G - Contemporary Political Philosophy
2810F/G - Global Justice and Human Rights
2812F/G - Cultures, Values, and Human Rights (Huron)
2820F/G - Philosophy of War and Peace (Huron)
2821F/G - Philosophy of Law
2822F/G* - Topics in Philosophy of Law*
2991A/B* - Special Topics in Philosophy*
2993A/B* - Special Topics in Philosophy*
2996F/G* - Special Topics in Philosophy*
2999F/G* - Special Topics in Philosophy*

Political Science

2102A/B - Capitalism and Democracy
2103A/B - Current Issues in Canadian Politics
2133A/B - The Provinces in the Canadian Federation
2135A/B - Canada Abroad
2140A/B - Globalization: Competition and Cooperation
2191A/B* - Selected Topics in Political Science*
2192A/B* - Selected Topics in Political Science*
2200F/G* - Selected Topics in Political Science*
2201F/G* - Selected Topics in Political Science
2220F/G - Government Policy (Brescia)
2255F/G - Women in Political Life (Brescia)
2276F/G - The Politics of Health Care (Brescia)
2277F/G - Education Policy (Brescia)
2286F/G - Policy Analysis
2288A/B - Odd Government (Brescia)


2010A/B - The Human Mind
2011A/B - Altered States of Consciousness (King’s)
2012F/G - Psychology and Diversity (King’s)
2015A/B - The Psychology of Perception
2020A/B - Drugs and Behavior
2021A/B - Addictive Behaviors (King’s)
2030A/B - The Maladjusted Mind
2031A/B - Psychology and Law (King’s)
2035A/B - Psychological Aspects of Life-Skills
2036A/B - The Psychology of Physical Health and Illness
2040A/B - Child Development
2042A/B - Exceptional Children: Behavioral Disorders
2043A/B - Exceptional Children: Developmental Disorders
2054A/B - Psychology of Eating (Brescia)
2062A/B - Educational Psychology
2070A/B - Social Psychology

Religious Studies (Huron, King’s, Brescia)

2101A/B - The Hebrew Scriptures (King’s)
2103A/B - Lost Scriptures (King's)
2112F/G - Spirituality Old and New (Huron)
2113F/G - Modernity, Postmodernity and Religion (Huron)
2114A/B - Introduction to the Dead Sea Scrolls (Huron)
2122F/G - Introduction to the Old Testament II: History (Brescia)
2123F/G - Introduction to the Old Testament II: The Letters (Brescia)
2124F/G - Introduction to the New Testament (Huron)
2125F/G - Religion, Morality, and Society (Huron)
2126F/G - The Early Church to the Late Middle Ages (Huron)
2127F/G - The Late Middle Ages to the Modern Period and Contemporary World (Huron)
2161A/B - Jesus: From Nazareth to Hollywood (King's)
2162A/B - Love, Wine and Ecstasy: The Poetry of Rumi (King's)
2164F/G - Historical/Critical Interpretation of the Old Testament: An Introduction (Huron)
2166F/G - Violence and Western Religions (King’s)
2168A/B - Angels, Demons and Magic: Jewish Folklore (King's)
2169A/B - Taming the Passions: Sex and Sexuality in Judaism (King's)
2175A/B - Judaism and Islam (King’s)
2180F/G - Spiritual Quests and Popular Culture (King's)
2185A/B - An Unjust God? Job Through the Ages (King's)
2191F/G* - Special Topics* (Brescia, King’s)
2192F/G* - Special Topics* (Brescia)
2200F/G - Approaches to the Study of Religion (King’s)
2201F/G - The Hebrew Scriptures (King’s)
2203F/G - World Religions: Eastern Traditions (King’s)
2204F/G - World Religions: Judaism and Islam (King’s)
2210F/G - The Johannine Writings (King’s)
2211F/G - The Letters of Paul (King’s)
2212F/G - The Synoptic Gospels (King’s)
2213F/G - Prophecy in Israel (King’s)
2217F/G - Education for Religious and Personal Development (Brescia)
2218F/G - Introduction to Christianity (King’s)
2219A/B - Christianity and Islam in Conversation (Brescia)
2222F/G - Feminist Spirituality Today (Brescia)
2225F/G - Religion, Society and Morality (Huron)
2226F/G - Introduction to Themes of the Old Testament (Brescia)
2227F/G - Introduction the Canonical Gospels of the New Testament (Brescia)
2228F/G - Spirituality Old and New (Huron)
2229F/G - Modernity, Post modernity and Religion (Huron)
2238F/G - Fundamental Moral Theology (King’s)
2239F/G - Christian Bioethics (King’s)
2251F/G - Women in the Christian Tradition from the First to the Twelfth Century (Brescia)
2252F/G - Women in the Christian Tradition from the Twelfth Century to the Present (Brescia)
2253F/G - Women in the Christian Tradition and Society (Brescia)
2254F/G - Biblical Women in Contemporary Art and Literature (Brescia)
2255F/G - The Biblical Wisdom Literature (King’s)
2256A/B - Religious and Spiritual Dimensions of Food (Brescia)
2267F/G - Spiritual But Not Religious? (King’s)
2281F/G - Introduction to Buddhism (King’s)
2283F/G - Introduction to Hinduism (King’s)
2284F/G - Introduction to the Religions of China and Japan
2285F/G - Introductions to Islam (King’s)
2286F/G - Introduction to Judaism (King’s)
2287F/G - Religious Perspectives on Marriage and Family (King’s)


2105A/B - The Sociology of Youth
2133A/B - Public Opinion
2134A/B - Civil Society and Social Movement
2144A/B - Sociology of Education
2151A/B - The Evolution of Cities
2152A/B - Life in the Contemporary City
2167A/B - Class, Politics and the State
2172A/B - Advertising and Society
2173A/B - Problems in Mass Society
2179A/B - Promotion of Community Health
2180A/B - Development and Health Inequalities
2191A/B* - Special Topics in Sociology*
2192A/B* - Special Topics in Sociology*
2212A/B - Women and Third World Development

Visual Arts History

2191F/G* - Special Topics in Visual Arts*

Visual Arts Studio

2100A/B - Image Explorations
2104A/B - Drawing Explorations
2194A/B* - Special Topics in Visual Arts*

Women's Studies

2139A/B - Social History of Women in Canada
2152A/B - Jewish Women Artists and Patrons of the Twentieth Century
2156A/B* - Special Topics in Women’s Studies*
2157A/B - The Status of Women in Artistic Couples
2158A/B - Women Artists and Their Unconventional Images of Women
2159A/B* - Special Topics in Women and the Creative Arts*
2160A/B - Intimate Relations: Sex, Gender and Love
2161A/B - Women and Popular Culture: Garbo to Gaga
2162A/B - The Body
2203F/G - Future Sex: Sex and Science Fiction
2205F/G - Making Men: Critical Studies in Masculinity
2223F/G - Gender, Sexuality and Disability
2233F/G* - Feminist Topics in Sexuality Studies*
2240F/G - Foundations of Feminist Thought
2243F/G* - Feminist Topics in Sexuality Studies*


2101F/G - Introduction to Expository Writing

* Students must request Special Permission to take “Special Topics” courses after the course outline is available.