Message from the Chair

Bringing together engineering and business perspectives creates opportunity. For individuals, it can be the foundation for a great and purposeful career. Organizations that leverage these skills can help transform society in positive ways, creating and implementing innovative solutions that address the world’s big problems. I am honoured to be the inaugural holder of the John M. Thompson Chair in Engineering Leadership and Innovation. Through this partnership of Western Engineering and the Ivey Business School, with the strong support of John M. Thompson, we have programs and activities that support the growth of engineering and innovation interest and expertise at Western. Many more initiatives will be implemented over time. Please feel free to contact me for additional information or to discuss opportunities to engage! 

Darren Meister
Western Engineering and Ivey Business School
John M. Thompson Chair in Engineering Leadership and Innovation

About Darren Meister

Darren Meister was appointed the inaugural John M. Thompson Chair in Engineering Leadership and Innovation. He is an Associate Professor of General Management (Entrepreneurship and Innovation) at the Ivey Business School and the former Faculty Director of the HBA and MSc Programs. He is cross-appointed to the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Western Engineering. His interests focus on technology-based entrepreneurship and the role of technology in enhancing organizational effectiveness, specifically as it concerns innovation processes. His research work is conducted within companies in close cooperation with practitioners.

Through research and consulting opportunities, Darren has worked with many organizations including Accenture, Bank of Montreal, Industry Canada, Intel, Nortel, and Siemens. His work has appeared in Management Science, MIS Quarterly and other leading journals and conferences. He is a past-Chair of the Special Interest Group on the Adoption and Diffusion of Information Technology, within the Association for Information Systems and was on the Executive Board of CEMS, the Global Alliance of Management Education.

Before joining Ivey, Darren taught at Queen's University and Carleton University, where he was one of the architects of an Information Systems concentration in the Bachelor of Commerce program. He has taught in all of Ivey's programs. He was a Rotary International Foundation scholar, attending the University of Cambridge. Subsequently, he earned his PhD at the University of Waterloo, Canada.

As part of the Chair program, Darren teaches Innovation Management within the Certificate in Engineering Leadership and Innovation and Innovation in the Ivey MSc Program. He has taught Leveraging Information Technology, Knowledge Management, Exploring Best Practices and IS Consulting among other courses as well.

As the Thompson Chair, Darren has participated in the following speaking engagements:
  • “Diffusion of Innovation”, Mechanical Engineering Fourth Year Design, October 2015;
  • “Introducing Innovative Products”, ES 1050, Western Engineering, October 2015;
  • “Launching a Technology Based-Business”, Ivey ACE Conference, January 2015;
  • “Engineering and Business”, ES 1050, Western Engineering, January 2015;
  • “Creative Problem Solving”, Industry Problem Solving Week, Western University, February 2015.

Darren is open to invitations for industry and community organizations to speak on topics related to engineering and business education, innovation management and technology trends.