About Western Engineering

How can I experience engineering before applying to Western?

We offer a summer program called the Western Engineering Summer Academy. It is an opportunity for high school students (who excel in math and science) to receive an inside look at what Western Engineering is all about.

Western Engineering hosts many experience events for future students to come and visit the faculty and campus, check out the listing on our future students events webpage.

What kinds of jobs are available with an Engineering degree?

Click here for a list.

How do students register for first-year courses?

Western Engineering has done all the hard work for you: you do NOT have to select your courses and figure out a timetable. Your timetable with all your required courses will be completed for you and available through your Student Centre starting in mid-July.

What courses will I take in my first-year?

All first-year engineering students take the same courses allowing you to experience all disciplines before deciding on your area or program of specialization.

Common First Year Courses:
ES 1021a/b Properties of Materials
ES 1022a/b/y Engineering Statics
ES 1036a/b Programming Fundamentals for Engineers
ES 1050 Introductory Engineering Design and Innovation Studio
AM 1411a/b Linear Algebra for Engineers
AM 1413 Applied Mathematics for Engineers I
Chem 1024a/b Chemistry for Engineers
Phys 1401 a/b Physics for Engineering Students I
Phys 1402 a/b Physics for Engineering Students II
Business Administration 1299E - Business for Engineers

Check out our Common First Year Page to learn more.

How many students are in Engineering?

Full time enrolment in the four year undergraduate program is approximately 2,100 students.

How many students are in first-year Engineering?

Western Engineering limits undergraduate student enrolment in first-year to ensure our students receive the best student experience with personalized educational attention. The first-year class size is approximately 600 students.

How big are the first-year classes in Engineering?

Most courses are broken into sections; therefore class sizes in first-year are around 110 - 120 students per section. Tutorials are typically between 50-75 students.

What kind of work load can I expect in first-year?

There are about 32 hours of classes per week for first-year engineering students; broken down into approximately 19 lecture hours, 8 tutorial hours and 5 laboratory hours.

Do I have to buy a computer? How will I get the necessary computer programs needed for my courses?

The Information Technology Group here at Western Engineering is available to help you with all your questions on this topic. Check out the First Year Student info page which has a very useful list of FAQ'a for first-year engineering students.

How many women are in Engineering?

Approximately 21% of undergraduate students are women.

Is there a group especially for women in Engineering?

Yes! Women in Engineering is a student group that works towards empowering and encouraging current and prospective female students in the field of engineering. They have programs such as Big Sister Little Sister and host many events through out the year. What to learn more? Check out their website, Women in Engineering.

Click here to learn more about Women In Engineering from Bridget Mulvihill-Jory, a current Western Engineering Student.

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