Experience Western Engineering

When you join the Faculty of Engineering at Western University you embark on an academic journey like no other. Western Engineering offers an innovative student-focused, career-driven educational experience where you play an active role in choosing your career path from a diverse array of opportunities. Below are the huge array of opportunities that Western Engineering has to offer.

Some students are certain which area of engineering they want to specialize in, while others are undecided, and there are others who change their mind once they have the opportunity to talk with other students and professors. Our Common First Year provides you with the ability to explore. In first year, students have the opportunity to experience various engineering disciplines before selecting an area of engineering specialization.

Western Engineering offers the following undergraduate programs:

Combined and Concurrent Degrees: Graduate with two degrees at the same time
In addition to our strong, design-based core engineering programs, Western Engineering also offers two types of dual degrees: Concurrent degrees and Combined Degrees. These degrees prepare students to cross traditional borders in their future careers, allowing them to graduate with two degrees in less time than it would take to complete each one independently. (more)

Accelerated Master's Program
There are many advantages to entering the job market with more than one degree. Western Engineering makes this process easier for students to achieve by offering strong students the option of an Accelerated Master's Program where they can earn a BESc. (Bachelor of Engineering Science) and an MESc. (Master's of Engineering Science) degree over a five-year time frame. During the last year of study, students receive a graduate student salary. We also offer a primarily course-based MEng degree, which can be completed within one year of undergraduate studies. (more)

Co-op and Internship
Students who have completed a co-op or internship experience gain a competitive advantage when seeking full-time employment. Western Engineering offers valuable, paid engineering work experience through year-long internships, summer co-op, or both.  (more)

Leadership Opportunities
The Western experience is not just about studying. It’s also about developing leadership skills, building a network of friends, having fun and making a difference in the community. (more)

Engineering Excellence Admission Program
Western Engineering guarantees your acceptance into the program of your choice if you have a mid-year and final grade average of 85% on the courses required for admission into Western Engineering from high school, and you maintain an 80% average on a full course load in first year. (more)