Approved 1000-Level Non-Technical Elective Courses

Please note that effective September 2016, first year students will no longer take a 1.0 non-technical elective in first year.

The Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board (CEAB) requires that engineering programs include a course requirement that teaches the central issues, methodologies and thought processes of the Humanities and Social Sciences.  Please note that language courses DO NOT meet this requirement.

American Studies

1020: An Introduction to American Studies


1020E: Many Ways of Being Human
: Introduction to Sociocultural Anthropology
1026F/G: Introduction to Biological Anthropology and Archaeology
1027A/B: Introduction to Linguistics

Classical Studies

1000: Classical Civilization

Comparative Literature and Culture

1020: From Homer to Picasso: Western Culture Across the Ages
1040: Ideas and Apps that Changed the World


1021A/B: Principles of Microeconomics
1022A/B: Principles of Macroeconomics


1020E: Understanding Literature Today
1022E: Enriched Introduction to English Literature
1024E: Forms of Fiction: Introduction to Narrative
1027F/G: The Storyteller’s Art I: Introduction to Narrative
1028F/G: The Storyteller’s Art II: Topics in Narrative

Film Studies

1020E: An Introduction to Film
1022: Introduction to Film Studies

First Nations Studies

1020E: Introduction to First Nations Studies


1100: Fundamentals of Geography
1300F/G: Physical Geography
1400F/G: How Humans Interact with the World
1500F/G: Environment and Development Challenges

Health Sciences

1001A/B: Personal Determinants of Health
1002A/B: Social Determinants of Health


1401E: Modern Europe, 1715 to the Present: Conflict and Transformation
1601E: Survey of East Asian History
1803E: Introduction to the History of Business and Commerce
1805E: Science, Technology, and Global History
1807: The History of Business
1810E: Wars that Changed the World


Linguistics 1028A/B: Linguistics: Applications and Extensions

Media, Information and Technoculture

1020E: Introduction to Media, Information and Technoculture
1021F/G: Introduction to Media, Information and Technoculture I
1022F/G: Introduction to Meida, Information and Technoculture II
1050A/B: Navigating Our Media Landscape: #mediaculture

Medieval Studies

1020E:  Introduction to Medieval Studies
1025A/B: Introduction to the Medieval World
1026A/B: Introduction to Medieval Cultures and Literatures


1102A/B: Listening to Music
1170A/B: Music in Global Contexts I
1710F/G: Music History: Introduction
1711F/G: Music History: c.900 to c.1600 (prerequisite is Music 1710F/G)
1730A/B: Introduction to Popular Music and Culture (prerequisite is Music 1710F/G)
1800A/B: Introduction to Music Education


1020: Introduction to Philosophy
1022E: Advanced Introduction to Philosophy
1100E: Philosophy from Antiquity to the 20th Century
1130F/G: Big Ideas
1200: Reasoning and Critical Thinking
1230A/B: Reasoning and Critical Thinking
1260A/B: Talking Philosophy
1305F/G: Questions of the Day

Political Science

1020E: Introduction to Political Science


1000: Introduction to Psychology


1020: Introduction to Sociology
1021E: Introduction to Sociology
1025A/B: Society and You
1026F/G: Controversies in Sociology
1027A/B: Life is not Always Fair

Visual Arts History

1040: A History of Art and Visual Culture
: Art, Visual Culture and Power
1043A/B: Art, Architecture, Fashion and Design
1044A/B: Art, Media and Popular Culture
1045F/G: Collecting Art and Culture
1051F/G: Revivals in Art and Culture
1054F/G: Introduction to Visual Culture

Visual Arts Studio

1020:  Foundations of Visual Arts

Women's Studies

1020E: Introduction to Women's Studies
1021F/G: Introduction to Sexuality Studies
1022F/G: Gender, Justice, Change

The following courses are available at the Affiliated Colleges. Western students may register for these courses during course selection provided they are not restricted to the Affiliated College students. 


Dimensions of Leadership 1000A/B
Dimensions of Leadership 1031
Family Studies 1010A/B
Family Studies 1015A/B
Family Studies 1020
Foods and Nutrition 1021
History 1201E, History 1401E, History 1403E
Philosophy 1130F/G
Philosophy 1230A/B
Philosophy 1300E
Philosophy 1305F/G
Religious Studies 1025E
Religious Studies 1026F/G
Religious Studies 1028F/G
Religious Studies 1031E
Religious Studies 1032A/B


English 1035E, English 1036E
Centre for Global Studies 1000E
Centre for Global Studies 1021F/G
Centre for Global Studies 1022F/G
Centre for Global Studies 1023F/G
History 1201E, History 1203E, History 1401E
History 1601E, History 1801E
Philosophy 1100E, Philosophy 1200
Philosophy 1230A/B, Philosophy 1250F/G
Philosophy 1300E, Philosophy 1350F/G
Philosophy 1370A/B
Religious Studies 1010F/G 
Theological Studies 1020E


Childhood and Social Institutions 1025F/G
Disability Studies 1010A/B
History 1201E, History 1401E, History 1403E, History 1601E, History 1801E
Philosophy 1100E, Philosophy 1150E, Philosophy 1300E,
Philosophy 1305F/G, Philosophy 1360E, Philosophy 1361E
Religious Studies 1022A/B
Religious Studies 1023E
Religious Studies 1027E
Religious Studies 1033A/B
Social Justice and Peace Studies 1025F/G
Social Work 1021A/B, Social Work, 1022A/B

* If you are interested in taking a non-technical elective course that is not on the approved list for engineering students, please email your request and the Western course code to Karen Murray.