Midterms/Tests, Assignments and Exams


If you are unable to write a term test or midterm, inform your instructor prior to the scheduled date of the test.

If your test/midterm is worth less than 30% of your final grade, you do have the option to Self-Report your absence.  Please read the policies here to see if you qualify.

If you are unable to report using the Self-Reported Absence system because you do not meet one or more of the the conditions, then you will need to: 

Fill out an Accommodation Consideration Request Form and submit it with documentation to the Undergraduate Services Office.

If what you are missing is worth under 10% of your final grade, your request for absence will go to your Department office (CBE, CEE, ECE, MME, MSE) for review/approval. If what you are missing is worth 10% or more of your final grade, or you are in first year, your request for absence will go to the Undergraduate Services Office for review/approval. 

The Undergraduate Services Office will contact your instructor(s) to confirm your absence, if approved.

You will need to discuss with the instructor if and when the test can be rescheduled.

Please note: The approval of the Undergraduate Services Office is required before term tests and/or mid-term tests can be rescheduled.

More information can be found here regarding Absences.

Late Assignments

Advise the instructor if you are having problems completing the assignment on time (prior to the due date of the assignment).

You may need to provide documentation on why you are unable to submit the assignment on time.  See rules here. 

If you are granted an extension, establish a due date.

The approval of the Chair of your Department (or the Assistant Dean, First Year Studies, if you are in first year) is not required if assignments will be completed prior to the last day of classes.

Extensions beyond the end of classes must have the consent of the instructor, the department Chair and the Associate Dean (Undergraduate Studies). Documentation is mandatory.


If you are unable to write a final examination, you should contact Undergraduate Services to request permission to write a Special Examination.  

In order to receive permission to write a Special Examination, you must fill out the Academic Consideration Request form AND the Application for a Special Exam form.  If approved, the Undergraduate Services Office will then notify the course instructor(s) and if it is an Engineering exam(s) you missed, reschedule the examination(s) on your behalf.  Students writing examinations for outside engineering courses (ie. Applied Math, Computer Science, Physics, etc) will need to check with that department to find out the date, time & location of their exam(s).

Please note: It is the student's responsibility to check the date, time and location of the special examination.

You will need to provide supporting documentation explaining the reason for your absence.  If you are ill and visit a doctor, they will need to fill out the Student Medical Certificate.  You will upload this documentation in the Academic Consideration Request Form. 

The following circumstances are not considered grounds for missing a final examination or requesting special examinations: common cold, sleeping in, misreading timetable and travel arrangements. 

Please click here for more information on Examination Conflicts. Students with two or more final exams scheduled at the same time should have received an email from the Registrar's Office.