General Information

If, on medical or compassionate grounds, you are unable to meet your academic responsibilities, i.e., unable to write term tests or final examinations or complete course work by the due date, you should follow the instructions listed below. You should understand that academic accommodation will not be granted automatically on request. You must demonstrate that there are compelling medical or compassionate grounds that can be documented before academic accommodation will be considered.  Read the instructions carefully. In all cases, action must be taken at the earliest possible opportunity, preferably prior to the scheduled examination, test or assignment.
  • Check the course outline to see if the instructor has a policy for missed tests, examinations, late assignments or attendance.
  • Review the Self-Reporting Absence System policies to see if you qualify for this. 
  • If you are unable to report using the Self-Reported absence because you do not meet one or more of the conditions, then you will need to:

    Fill out a Request for Academic Consideration Form and submit it with documentation which supports your absence. 

    If you are unable to provide documentation, please fill out the No Documentation Declaration Form along with the Request for Academic Consideration Form.

    Please note: If what you are missing is under 10% of your final grade, you will need to submit these to your Engineering Department office (CBE, CEE, ECE, MME). If what you are missing is over 10% of your final grade, you will need to submit these to the Undergraduate Services Office, SEB 2097. First year students always submit all request through the Undergraduate Services Office, SEB 2097.

    *Forms and documentation being submitted to the Undergraduate Services Office can be delivered to SEB 2097 or emailed to*

  • If you decide to write a test or an examination you should be prepared to accept the mark you earn. Rewriting tests or examinations or having the value of a test or examination reweighted on a retroactive basis is not permitted.