Water Reuse

The decrease in water supply results from a number of factors including population growth, inadequate water management that accelerates the depletion of surface water and groundwater resources and water quality degradation due to domestic and industrial pollution sources as well as non-point sources. In urban areas, the demand for water has been increasing owing to industrial development and, in some cases, to expansion of irrigated peri-urban agriculture. Reusing water can help augment these scarce or dwindling municipal water supplies while providing a sustainable resource to industrial and agricultural operations.

Under the Water Reuse theme, we will investigate the possibility of water and wastewater reuse from three focal points: (i) wastewater reuse in agriculture, industry and urban applications; (ii) environmental water enhancement including groundwater recharge, and (iii) life cycle cost (LCC) analysis to determine payback periods and evaluate the financial viability of selected technologies for reclaiming wastewater.