TWNER Overview

The Clean Technologies for Water Refining and Nutrient and Energy Recovery (TWNER) Project addresses the need for young professionals in the aging workforce in the water and wastewater industry, and the requirement for multi-and cross-disciplinary research to develop the next generation of sustainable water processing technologies. Global water shortages and improved standards of living in emerging economies, coupled with aging infrastructure in the industrialized world will lead to lucrative global opportunities for innovative water refining, reuse, and energy resources recovery technologies.  

The key objective of this program is to develop a collaborative integrated trans-disciplinary research and training program, building on the diverse expertise of accomplished researchers from 5 Ontario universities, and 3 international institutions and universities in the US, Scotland, and Israel. The goal is to train future generation of highly qualified personnel (HQP) with the capability to design, optimize, and further develop treatment technologies with particular emphasis on resource recovery and sustainability. The program will encompass basic, physical, social, and applied sciences. 

The program is unique in that it integrates broad coursework offered at the participating Ontario universities, mandatory industrial internships, compulsory research exchange programs, interactive workshops, and multi-disciplinary research focus to provide unique “tailored” individualized training programs.


The TWNER-CREATE program is sponsored by