The students' professional skills will be developed through participation in courses, conferences, workshops, and industry internships.

Training Program Objectives

The primary goals of the NSERC CREATE-TWNER Program are to: 

  • Provide unique training of HQP tailored to meet the individual research interest while providing a broad based education through multidisciplinary courses, industrial internships, and enhanced student mobility and exposure to other state-of-the-art academic and industrial research facilities. The HQP in the program will acquire scientific and engineering knowledge as well as problem solving, project management, communication, and leadership skills to facilitate their integration into government, academia and industry.
  • Enhance collaborative research among a multidisciplinary team of experts in order to develop sustainable water refining technologies in partnership with industry and the municipalities.


The long-term training objective of this program is to provide graduate students with unique learning and training opportunities through enhancement of collaborative teaching and research across 5 universities, opportunities for interaction with industry, and links to network of researchers through centres like the Canadian Water Network and Centre for Control of Emerging Contaminants, and provide access to the recently approved full scale testing facility at the Greenway Pollution Control Plant.