ThreeC+ buildingWestern Engineering

For Students

  • Student Lounge: Panoramic View
Informally referred to as “ThreeC+” (Connect, Collaborate and Create),
this 100,000 ft2 building beside Western Road will transform how we deliver
The Western Engineering Experience.
Starting from the first year, the new building will provide practical working spaces and be an inspiring environment where students will integrate classroom theory with collaborative hands-on learning as they design, build, test and refine their concepts.
"It’s exhilarating to see the vision that’s been created for ThreeC+. Classrooms structured for discussion, a cutting-edge prototyping playground, dedicated community space - it’s infrastructure that will enable Western Engineering to deliver truly innovative learning and the best student experience. Students have been involved in the process from start to fi nish and the design reflects that brilliantly."

Tom Grainger, Year 5
Mechatronic Systems Engineering and Business
2016/2017 UES President

From the beginning, our students have been active participants in the design process of ThreeC+. When asked what was most important to them, they responded with:

More Space

Zones for different needs

Opportunities for research projects sooner

Small group project areas

Encouraging collaboration