Internships and Exchanges


2011-2012 Internship and Exchanges


The Western Engineering Internship Program had the following placements:


  • 1 student with GE Canada - Water filtration design
  • 1 student with Alstom, Switzerland - Analysis of emissions of fleet engine operation
  • 1 student with Trojan Technologies - Automating a testing procedure and evaluating the performance of special light bulbs used in the water treatment process
  • 1 student with All North Consultants Ltd - Environmental management and monitoring plan preparation
  • 1 student with GM Canada (Cami Assembly) - Managing wastewater compliance program through effluent monitoring and determining corrective actions 2012/2013
  • 1 student with Environment Canada - Supporting the monitoring, assessment, and research programs across the country
  • 1 student with Labatt Breweries of Canada - Working on projects to reduce water/energy consumption in the facility


  • 1 student with Environment Canada - Supporting the monitoring, assessment, and research programs across the country
  • 1 student with Labatt Breweries of Canada - Working on projects to reduce water/energy consumption in the facility

Summer Engineering Co-op Program

The Western Summer Engineering Co-op Program had the following placements:

Summer 2011

  • 1 student with Enermodal Engineering Ltd - Recommendations to improve energy efficiency of materials, water, energy; prepared green building award application
  • 1 student with City of London - Assisted in the implementation of recycling program enhancements to multi-residential buildings
  • 1 student with Brookfield Renewable Power - Participated in the safety & environmental daily job plan; Researched alternative water treatment processes; Participated in the company's Green Day Expo

Summer 2012

  • 1 student with the City of London - Working in the Planning, Environmental & Engineering Services Department

Civil Engineering with International Development

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering has a program in International Development where students have the option of a summer community placement. In the Summer of 2011, the students travelled to Banjul, the Gambia. They worked with the Gambian Ministry of Agriculture (Soil and Water Management Services) to obtain practical engineering experience in the context of development. They worked on watershed management projects facilitated through the national Participatory Integrated Watershed Management Project. In the summer of 2012, the students are working in Madagascar. Engineering partnered with the Department of Anthropolgy at Western for the first portion of the placement with the aim of enhancing exposure of the students to interdisciplinary perspectives on international development and environmental issues. Following this the students will undertake work experience with renewable energy NGO focused on solar energy projects and will work with an environmental conservation NGO (KOFAMA) on water supply and initiatives.

WE Go Global - Certificate

This certificate option allows global-minded engineers to augment the traditional engineering courses with additional specially selected courses in ethics, language and global studies and a 12 week global externship. Six students this year are spending their externships in Russia, India, Tanzania and China.

Engineers Without Borders

In 2011, one student from Civil Engineering (International Development) did a placement in Zambia working with EWB on their Agriculture Value Chains Program. This summer (2012) one Chemical Engineering student is working in Ghana in the cotton industry. He is working with a partner who is currently struggling to provide tractor services for all the farmers that sell crops to the partner. His placement for this summer is going to focused on coming up with different models for tractor services that he can test, and that the partner can then implement in the future.

2010-2011 Internship and Exchanges

WE Go Global

Western Engineering students have the opportunity to internationalize their studies with WE Go Global – a certificate program that includes a 12-week externship in an international setting that may include a volunteer work experience, paid work experience, or experiential learning. The certificate can be completed concurrently with a Bachelor of Engineering Science (BESc) degree. Courses include ethics, foreign language, and a selection of courses from global studies, sociology, geography, and/or political science.

International Exchange

Western Engineering students also have the option to study in a different country to learn a new culture. In third year of studies at Western Engineering they will have the opportunity to travel and live abroad while pursuing your studies through an academic international exchange. Morgan Kwan, a third-year Chemical Engineering student, is currently on an international exchange at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. “I felt it was important to experience what it is like to live in Asia and get an understanding of the education and business systems here as the future economy, and most likely my career, will be heavily influenced by this part of the world,” explains Morgan. “Travel and exchange make the world seem like a much smaller and friendlier place.”

International Development Program

Civil Engineering students have the option to specialize in applications to address complex, societal, environmental, economic issues and infrastructure problems for communities in developing countries or in First Nation communities. Students may complete a Summer Community Development Placement to gain technical engineering experience in the context of development.

Co-op and Internships

During the 2010 – 2011 academic year, four students worked with PCR Contractors in Windsor, studying emerging contaminants in wastewater and their effective removal. Placements included:

  • Environment Canada in Burlington studying emerging contaminants in wastewater and their effective removal
  • Golder Associates in London working on contaminated site projects (lab testing, checking field logs)
  • Suncor in Sarnia working as an Environmental Health and Safety Intern in the environmental group on leak detection

2009-2010 Internship and Exchanges

Engineers without Borders summer internship placements – In 2009, one student worked with Muzuzu Coffee Cooperative in Malawi helping to develop a fair trade option and learning about the challenges associated with that process. A second student worked on Governance and Rural infrastructure in Tamale, Ghana assisting with the development of a more proactive planning department and a more effective and user friendly data system. For the summer of 2010, two students will be working overseas - one in Ghana and the other in Malawi or Zambia but the details and descriptions of the placements have not been finalized.

2009/2010 Internship Placement – one student is working at Suncor in Sarnia, Ontario in the area of Environmental Health and Safety.

2009 Summer Engineering Co-op placement with Hadadd Geotechnical doing site surveys and review of documents for Phase 1 Environmental Assessments.