Faculty of EngineeringThe University of Western Ontario

The Three Little Pigs Research Project at
The Insurance Research Lab for Better Homes

Project Development

Presentations from May 1 Seminar

Commercial Benefits Derived from Full Scale Testing, Presented by David Henderson

Applying Real Wind Loads to Structures: The Synergy of the BLWTL and the IRLBH, Presented by Dr. Jon Galsworthy

Testing Full-Scale Buildings and Building Components, Presented by Dr. Mike Bartlett

Other Posters

The development of a new system for applying simulated wind pressures to the roof and walls of a building is a key part of the project.  This Pressure Box Loading System is illustrated here.

Development of a new type of load cell for in-situ testing of wood frame structures.  Click here for poster.

Research into errors during construction of buildings.  Click here for poster.

Research into roof sheathing failures.  Click here for poster.

Research into the development of mould in wall cavities.  Click here for poster.

New evidence for the failure of the little pig's straw house by the big bad wolf!!  Click here for poster.