Dr. C. Robinson - Research Interests

Groundwater-surface water interactions in coastal environments.

Understanding the role of groundwater on the water quality at beaches requires knowledge of not only groundwater pollution sources (e.g., septic systems, leaky sewers) but also scientific understanding of the basic processes (hydrological, biogeochemical, and microbial) that affect the movement of pollutants in the groundwater and their release to the shallow lake water. To learn more about this project click here.

Groundwater, reactive transport and geochemical modeling.

Lead is a toxic heavy metal mainly introduced to drinking water through corrosion of lead bearing distribution pipes. Our research is investigating the variables that control corrosion scale destabilization and applying understanding gained to develop a geochemistry model to predict lead dissolution in water distribution systems exposed to different water chemistries. To learn more about this project click here.

Water quality, supply and treatment in developing countries.

Aquifer storage, transfer and recovery (ASTR) is a type of Managed Aquifer Recharge where water is injected directly into the aquifer through a well and extracted at a distance to aid in bacteria removal. ASTR is currently being tested by UNICEF-Bangladesh, University of Dhaka and Acacia Water (Netherlands) as a potential cost-effective, disaster-resilient water supply alternative for coastal communities in Bangladesh. To learn more about this project click here.