September '10

NSERC Industrial Postgraduate Scholarship
Chris Kocur (Ph.D.) was awarded an NSERC Industrial Postgraduate Scholarship (IPS). CH2MHILL Canada Ltd. are sponsoring the scholarship, and as part of the scholarship, Chris will be spending time working for the company. The collaborative project will develop field methods and improve the understanding of nanoscale zero valent iron (nZVI) technology.


August '10

Rising Stars of Research 2010
RESTORE member Meera Joseph presented at the Rising Stars of Research, an undergraduate research conference in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada:

  • Factors influencing cadmium removal by nano zero-valent iron (M. Joseph, H.K. Boparai and D.M. O'Carroll)

Geotechnical Research (GRC) Awards 2010
PhD candidate Ahmed Chowdury is awarded the R.M. Quigley Award and MESc candidate Clayton Inculet is awarded the L.G. Soderman Award at the Annual Geotechnical Research Centre (GRC) Awards for excellence in research contributions.


July '10

RESTORE students utilize Advanced Photon Source
PhD candidate Ian Molnar and MESc candidate Stephanie Drake travel to Argonne National Labs near Chicago, IL to utilize the Advanced Photon Source. The synchrotron is used to capture three-dimensional pore scale images of water/NAPL/soil systems and these high-resolution images will further the fundamental understanding of how soil wettability affects the transport and remediation of DNAPL contaminants.


June '10

Green Building receives Green Brick Award
The Green Building, and its significant environmental teaching and research features led by RESTORE co-director Dr. Denis O'Carroll, are recognized once again as a leading environmental initiative in London. Click here to view the full article.

RESTORE students assist with the Lucas Goes Green project
RESTORE's NSERC USRA students visited A.B. Lucas Secondary School to help the students with a project called Lucas Goes Green. The project required science students to develop a process or design that would make the school more "environmentally friendly". RESTORE students helped approximately 600 Lucas students with a design process that involved 120-140 teams of students, with each team covering a range of grade levels and abilities. They were able to help the teams (i) clarify the problem that they would be working on, (ii) move to a clear problem definition using Statement-Restatement, and (iii) generate solutions using Why-Why or Duncker diagrams.
RESTORE students Ivy Zhang, Taylor, Adam Papini, Spencer Weber, Simon Hodge and Meera Joseph had a wonderful time working with the students. It was exciting an opportunity for them to share their passion for the environment, and it was most certainly a learning experience for them as well.


May '10

STAR Technology Commercial
STAR remediation technology, developed in collaboration between RESTORE at The University of Western Ontario and The University of Edinburgh, becomes commercially available exclusively through SiREM (Guelph, Ontario):

Sirem Lab - STAR

RESTORE student wins award
RESTORE congratulates NSERC student Adam Papini on receiving the Society of Chemical Industry Merit Award from the Faculty of Engineering.


March '10

STAR technology makes BBC News
The STAR project continues his recent media coverage by featuring on BBC News website. Click here to read the full article.

Undergraduate Thesis Presentation Competition
RESTORE congratulates its undergraduate students Lauren Hockin and Adam Crookes for their successful undergraduate thesis presentations. Lauren and Adam win first and second place, respectively, with first place being awarded a trip to present at the Canadian Society of Civil Engineers Conference.

STAR project features in The Londoner
The STAR project receives coverage in The Londoner with the article also featuring an interview with Dr. Gerhard.

239th ACS National Meeting
RESTORE presented at the 239th American Chemical Society National Meeting in San Francisco, California, USA:

  • Cadmium removal by nano zerovalent iron: influence of physicochemical parameters (H. K. Boparai, M. Joseph, D. M. O'Carroll)


February '10

RESTORE and STAR project make Western News
RESTORE and, in particular, the STAR project receive excellent coverage in Western News. In the news article, RESTORE is discussed for its work in the development of innovative site remediation technologies. In particular, the STAR project is highlighted and noting that it was recently patented and received the 15th Lord Ezra Award for Innovation in Combustion Engineering from the U.K. Combustion Engineering Association. Click here to read the full article.

RESTORE garner media attention from London Free Press
Innovative new techniques being developed at RESTORE to neutralize contaminated 'brownfield' sites receive coverage in the London Free Press. Click here to view the article, which gives special mention to the STAR and nZVI projects.

RESTORE at WORLDiscoveries Showcase
RESTORE show significant presence at the WORLDiscoveries (TM) Research Showcase held at the London Convention Centre. The research showcase was staged by Western's faculties of engineering and science and the Schulich school of medicine and dentistry. Designed to stimulate partnerships and networking with industry, the showcase featured more than 100 displays in the fields of imaging, bio-materials, software, telecommunications, the environment and energy. RESTORE had a research display at the event and Dr. Jason Gerhard presented the third 'Tech Talk' of the day on the topic entitled 'Brownfield Restoration: Addressing the Industrial Pollution of Urban Environments'.


January '10

RESTORE featured in Business London magazine
RESTORE group receive excellent coverage in the January 2010 edition of the Business London magazine for being one of the top emerging technology groups at Western.