December '08

Fall Meeting of the American Geophysical Union (AGU), San Francisco, CA, USA
RESTORE established a significant presence at the Fall Meeting of the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco, CA. Dr. O' Carroll co-chaired the session entitled Mobility and Fate of Nanoparticles and Colloids in Porous Media, while Dr. Gerhard co-chaired the session entitled Physical, Chemical and Biological Processes Controlling NAPL Source Zone Remediation. RESTORE members in attendance included P. Pironi, K. Mumford, C. Kocur and A. Oleniuk.
Oral and poster presentations by the group included:

  • Remediation of viscous NAPLs via hot water flooding' (Invited talk delivered by Dr. O' Carroll)
  • Mobility of Nano-scale Zero Valent Iron in Porous Media with Residual NAPL (C. Kocur)
  • Impact of Source Zone Architecture on DNAPL Dissolution in Systems Containing Organic-Wet Porous Media (A. Oleniuk)
  • Parameter Sensitivity and Laboratory Benchmarking of a Biogeochemical Process Model for Enhanced Anaerobic Dechlorination (I. Kouznetsova)
  • Spontaneous Expansion and Mobilization of Discontinuous Gas Above DNAPL Pools (K. Mumford)
  • Column experiments of Smouldering Combustion as a Remediation Technology for NAPL Source Zones (P. Pironi)
  • DNAPL Mapping by Ground Penetrating Radar examined via Numerical Simulation (C. Power)
  • Optimization of buffer injection for the effective bioremediation of chlorinated solvents in aquifers (A. Brovelli)

RESTORE students Andrew Oleniuk, Paolo Pironi and Chris Kocur, as well as RESTORE postdoctoral fellow Dr. Kevin Mumford successfully presented posters and oral talks on their research at the meeting.

American Geophysical Union's Groundwater Committee
Dr. Gerhard is named to the American Geophysical Union's Groundwater Committee. This committee helps organize the annual AGU conferences as AGU's strategic direction related to groundwater.

OCETA Innovative Remediation Solutions Workshop
Dr. O' Carroll gives the keynote to the OCETA Innovative Remediation Solutions Workshop ( entitled Opportunities and Challenges of Site Remediation using Nanometals.


November '08

California Emerging Contaminants Symposium
Dr. O`Carroll presents the keynote talk entitled Mobility Of Engineered Nanoparticles In Natural Porous Media at the Groundwater Resources Association of California Emerging Contaminants Symposium (San Jose, CA).


October '08

In Situ STAR NSERC Strategic Grant
Drs. Gerhard and O'Carroll are awarded an NSERC Strategic Grant entitled 'In Situ STAR (Self-sustaining Treatment for Active Remediation)'. This grant provides 3 years of funding to further develop the new STAR technology for remediating coal tar and other hydrocarbons for in situ applications. Graduate students and postdoctoral positions are being sought.

International Environmental Nanotechnology Conference
Dr. O`Carroll presents his talk entitled Impact Of Size On Carbon Nanotube Transport In Natural Porous Media at the International Environmental Nanotechnology Conference (Chicago, IL).

Canadian Brownfields 2008
Dr. Jason Gerhard delivers an invited presentation at Canadian Brownfields 2008, sponsored jointly by the Canadian Brownfields Network, the Canadian Urban Institute, and the National Executive Forum on Public Property. Dr. Gerhard presented on:
Self-sustaining Treatment for Active Remediation (STAR): A New Approach for Destroying Coal Tar and Other Hazardous Industrial Liquids in Soil
as part of the "Innovations in Brownfield Technology" Workshop presented by Ontario Centres of Excellence. The Workshop brought together 'an interactive panel of leading researchers and practitioners to describe some of the latest soltuions to addressing the most difficult or complex issues in remediation and renovation of contaminated sites'.

Professional Outreach Travel Award
MESc student Chris Kocur is awarded the Ontario Centres of Excellence Professional Outreach Travel Award to present his work entitled: 'Mobility of Nano-scale Zero Valent Iron in Porous Media with Residual NAPL' at the Fall American Geophysical Union Conference in San Francisco (Dec. 2008).

Development of Nanometals NSERC Strategic Grant
Drs. O`Carroll and Herrera and two collaborators from the University of Toronto are awarded an NSERC Strategic Grant entitled `Development of Nanometals for Source Zone Remediation'. This grant provides 3 years of funding to further develop nanometals for chlorinated hydrocarbon source zone remediation, with a specific focus on source zones in clay permeable media systems.


September '08

Dr. Gerhard is one of the co-organizers of the 2008 SABRE Technical Meeting in Toronto, Canada. SABRE - Source Area BioREmediation - is a consortium of 15 companies, 4 research institutions, and 2 environmental agencies focused on evaluating enhanced bioremediation of chlorinated solvent source zones. The meeting brought together industry partners, government representatives, and researchers from United Kingdom, Switzerland, United States and Canada.


August '08

RESTORE congratulates the successful completion of three undergraduate summer NSERC research students
Adam Papini (Chemical Engineering), Laura Kinsman (Civil and Environmental Engineering and Cooper Robinson (Integrated Engineering) undertook summer NSERC research scholarships within RESTORE in the period May - August 2008. They investigated aspects of bioremediation processes, contaminant behaviour in non-ideal systems, and nanoparticle transport in the subsurface. Regarding the experience, Laura says, "It was a very rewarding and challenging opportunity to have been involved with RESTORE. The experience gained and the new friends I met made for a great and memorable summer!" While they return to undergraduate classes in the fall, all have been invited to continue their research and remain part of the group into the future.


July '08

2008 R.M. Quigley Award
MESc student Stephanie McPhee and MESc student Ian Molnar are jointly awarded the 2008 R.M. Quigley Award by the Geotechnical Research Centre for excellence in research contributions.

2008 Gordon Conference
Drs. Jason Gerhard and Denis O'Carroll present at the 2008 Gordon Conference: Flow & Transport in Permeable Media in Oxford, United Kingdom. Dr. Gerhard presents on the topic Validation of an Interfacial Area-Based Mass Transfer Model for Simulating DNAPL Dissolution while Dr. O'Carroll presents on the topic Direct Quantification of Dynamic Effects in Capillary Pressure.


June '08

GE Remedial Technology Transfer Meeting
Dr. Jason Gerhard presents as an invited speaker at the GE Remedial Technology Transfer Meeting in the session "Use of Best Practices & Innovative Technology". His talk DNAPL Source Zones: Mobility and Treatment promoted discussion about the challenges of treating chlorinated solvent source zones in both unconsolidated porous media and fractured rock environments.


May '08

Monterey, California Conference on Remediation
Dr. Jason Gerhard presents at the Sixth International Conference on Remediation of Chlorinated and Recalcitrant Compounds in Monterey, California. His presentation is titled Self-Sustaining Treatment for Active Remediation (STAR): A Novel Remediation Technique for Pooled and Residual NAPL.

SyNRGS Conference
RESTORE hosts the first Annual Symposium for NAPLs Research & Groundwater Studies (SyNRGS). The Symposium was successful in bringing together the Ontario community of groundwater contamination and remediation researchers to share ideas, give feedback to students on their work, and build bridges and collaborative opportunities. Overall, 85 people attended the meeting, encompassing 8 universities, four consulting companies, and four government organizations.


April '08

Geosyntec Consultants Student Research Contest
MESc student Chris Power wins first prize and PhD student Paolo Pironi wins second prize in the 2008 Student Research Contest sponsored by Geosyntec Consultants Ltd. This competition is restricted to invited universities exhibiting excellence in groundwater assessment and remediation and is based upon student papers. First place prize was an all expense paid trip to the 2008 Battelle Remediation Conference in Monterey California.


March '08

Queen's University Civil Engineering Forum
Dr. Jason Gerhard is the invited speaker at the Queen's University Civil Engineering Forum. His seminar Hazardous Industrial Pollution of Soil and Groundwater: Past, Present, and Future is well received by the more than 100 faculty, grad students, and undergrads present. Dr. Gerhard's introduction was particularly special as he was recognized for his part as one of the originators this popular weekly Forum in 1998 during his days as a graduate student at Queen's.


February '08

Ontario Centres of Excellence INTERACT Grant
Dr. Jason Gerhard and collaborators are awarded an Ontario Centres of Excellence INTERACT grant to conduct a feasibility study into 'Self-Sustaining Treatment for Active Remediation (STAR)'.

International Association of Hydrologists/Canadian Geotechnical Society Seminar
Dr. Jason Gerhard presents an invited lecture to the International Association of Hydrologists/Canadian Geotechnical Society in their seminar series on Hydrogeological Practice in the 21st Century. Dr. Gerhard spoke on the topic Evolution of our Understanding of DNAPL Source Zones, exploring how our conceptual models of hazardous immiscible liquid contamination have progressed over the past 25 years.