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March 2013 chose RESTORE as a focus of a recent highlight article, citing STAR technology as an example of successful environmental technology developed through research and transitioned to commercial applications. The article can be found here.


Spencer Engineering Building
University of Western Ontario
Administrator Cindy Quintus
Telephone: (519) 661-3344
Fax: (519) 661-3942

2013 Symposium for New Research in Groundwater Science: Click here

RESTORE is developing innovative site remediation technologies for hazardous industrial pollutants in soil and groundwater.

RESTORE focuses on sustainable remediation strategies: those that use less energy, create less waste, incur less adverse environmental impact, and/or cost less than current strategies while effectively reducing both contamination and risk to health.

RESTORE combines innovative research, national and international collaborations, and strong industrial links in a centre of innovation for addressing subsurface contamination.

RESTORE combines state-of-the-art laboratories, numerical modelling, field research, and commercialization with a fun and supportive group environment to achieve research excellence.

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