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Spencer Engineering Building
University of Western Ontario
Administrator Cindy Quintus
Telephone: (519) 661-3344
Fax: (519) 661-3942

The following below is a list of the research equipment used by the RESTORE group.

  • GC-MS with FID and PID
  • ICP-OES for dissolved metal analysis
  • HPLC – Ion chromatograph for dissolved inorganic anions
  • HPLC with 3 detectors (UV, Diode array and CAD)
  • Assymetric Drop Shape Analyzer for contact angle and interfacial tension
  • Two Environmental Chambers
  • Two Coldrooms
  • Ph, conductivity and Redox meters (both lab and field units available)
  • High precision balances
  • Prep ovens and muffle furnace
  • Zeta potential analyzer capable of doing titrations to determine isoelectric point
  • Mercury Intrusion Porosimiter (measurements of physical structure of clays, concretes and catalysts)
  • High-speed centrifuge
  • Auto-titration system to test dissolved alkalinity and acidity
  • Field gas analyzer kit
  • 2 Spectrophotometers
  • Particle Size analyzer
  • BET surface area analyzer
  • Thermo-gravitic/Differential Scanning Calorimiter Analyzer
  • Rheometer
  • Water quality meters

Below are pictures of the actual equipment used by the RESTORE Group.

Thermo Scanner


GC-MS with FID and PID

Glove Box


HPLC with 3 detectors


Nanopure Water