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Daoping Guo, M.E.Sc.

Project Title:
The effect of concentration of free chlorine on dissolution of lead oxides

Project Description:
The corrosion of lead happens at the inner of pipes over a long period so that lead acts as the major contaminant source in the drinking water. The lead corrosion morphology has been studied. It is found that lead corrosion chemistry is complex. But in general, lead carbonates: hydrocerussite (Pb3(CO3)2(OH)2) and cerussite (PbCO3) are the dominant components of inner corrosion, while lead oxide (PbO2) and minium (Pb3O4) have been also observed.

Due to chlorination at the end of drinking water treatment process, residual free chlorine exists in the distribution system. At the same time, water quality parameter, free chlorine, has an impact on dissolution of lead oxides in terms of the concentration of dissolved lead and also the formation of lead oxides. Understanding the formation of lead corrosion can give insights of solid transformations, and also lay a good foundation on predicting the lead level in water for future better using control strategies.

Personal Background:
I am in the Master in Engineering Science (M.ESc) program in University of Western Ontario at the beginning of 2012. I am doing the lead project with Dr. Herrera and Dr. Robinson. I received my Bachelor degree in environmental engineering from University of Science and Technology Beijing in 2010. The topic of my bachelor thesis is “Study Competitive Adsorption of Benzene Series on Activated Carbons”.