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"If you want to answer the questions in your head about your research, you will find all what you need in RESTORE group. Every day, you will find yourself doing something that nobody had done before."

Project Title:
Evaluating the efficiency of green roofs

Project Description:
Bilal got enrolled in Western University in the Fall term of 2012. His supervisors are Drs. Robinson and O’Carroll, with his research aims to quantify the performance of the green roofs with respect to stormwater runoff reduction and a reduction in the energy consumption of buildings. Highly instrumented green roof test arrays have been set up in Calgary, London, and Halifax to enable performance to be measured in three distinctively different climate conditions. Data will be used to quantify performance, but more importantly to optimize green roof design and to develop climate-appropriate design guidelines for Canada and the world.

Personal Background:
Bilal graduated in 2006 with a Bachelors degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering/Water Resources and Environment from the top university in Jordan, Jordan University of Science and Technology. My graduation project supervisor was Dr. Ziad Al-Ghazawi. My project title was “The Use of Jordanian Zeolite for the Removal of Nickel from Wastewater”. Following this, he completed a MSc at the University of California-Davis in 2009 under the supervision of Prof. Thomas Young. The title of his MSc thesis was “Effects of Compost Age on Leaching of Nutrients and Metals to Stormwater”.

After his graduation, Bilal worked in Amman-Jordan as a field engineer on a USAID funded project focused on reducing water loss by identifying leaks in main pipe networks. Following this he worked in New Orleans, USA, as a Field Specialist Engineer undertaking leak detection on the main pipe networks after Hurricane Katrina. Bilal also worked on several projects around the USA that involved leak detection and pipe wall assessments. To fulfill his long life dream, Bilal decided to go back to school for a PhD degree. After a long search for innovative and genuine research areas he decided to undertake a PhD focused on evaluating the efficiency of green roofs with Drs. Robinson and O’Carroll at Western University.