Self-sustaining Treatment for Active Remediation (STAR)

3. Numerical Modelling

The STAR research program is developing several numerical models for simulating and optimizing the STAR process. A novel model, combining multiphase flow and combustion front spread, which simulates the propagation of STAR has been created (MacPhee et al., 2010). Multi-dimensional simulations will be compared to multi-dimensional experiments for model validation. Once validated against experiments, the models will be employed to conduct sensitivity simulations at the field scale to explore optimizing STAR application and performance. Advanced models of the smouldering kinetic chemical reactions and their interaction with mass and energy transport of fluids are also being developed. Modelling is a valuable methodology for penetrating the science at the pore scale and also for cost-effective exploration of field-scale research questions.

Numerical Modelling of Smouldering Front Propagation