Managed Aquifer Recharge Research

Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) is the planned recharge of an aquifer via wells, basins, or trenches for environmental or human benefit. Aquifer storage, transfer and recovery (ASTR) is a type of MAR where water is injected directly into the aquifer through a well and extracted at a distance to aid in bacteria removal. ASTR is currently being tested by UNICEF-Bangladesh, University of Dhaka and Acacia Water (Netherlands) as a potential cost-effective, disaster-resilient water supply alternative for coastal communities in Bangladesh.

Aquifer Storage Tranfer and Recovery Schematic

Our research focuses on evaluating the feasibility of ASTR technology for coastal communities in south-western Bangladesh, which are experiencing increasingly severe seasonal water scarcity, through numerical groundwater modelling. Variable-density groundwater flow and transport is simulated using SEAWAT-2005 code and the impact of changing hydrogeological and engineering design parameters on system efficiency is tested. Modelling and field work is completed to aid in future site selection and design in the Bangladesh context and other coastal settings.

Numerical Model of ASTR - Freshwater plume development after a) first injection period and b) 5 years

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