Jiahao Wang

Smouldering Performance and Characteristics of Porous Media and Fuel

Self-Sustaining Treatment for Active Remediation (STAR) has been proven to be a promising and effective technology for subsurface contamination, such as NAPL remediation, due to its features: Less energy input, Recycling energy, High efficiency, Self-sustaining, etc. However, the performance of smouldering is significantly affected by the input's parameter: porous media (concentration, particle size, homogeneity), airflow rate (oxygen concentration), wastes (calorific value, moisture content), heat losses, etc.

Under the guidance of Dr. Gerhard, this research aims to look for correlation between key smouldering inputs (porous media and fuels) and extinction limits and self-sustaining performance:

  1. Measure the influence of porous media with different permeability on the STAR.
  2. Characterize different flues (Proximate analysis, Ultimate analysis, Bomb calorimetry analysis, etc.) and evaluate their effect on the performance of STAR.

The goal of this research is to predict the performance of different fuels in STAR process through analysing the characteristics of fuels instead of real smouldering.

Personal Background

Jiahao graduated from Beijing Forestry University in June 2017 with Bachelor degree in Environmental Engineering, the topic of graduation project is "Design for Livestock Wastewater Reclamation Treatment Process". Jiahao officially began Master's with RESTORE at Western in January 2018 under the supervision of Dr. Gerhard, focusing on the research of STAR process.


  • Valedictorian for Academic English Program in Western English Language Centre - 2017
  • Excellent Graduate Student in Beijing - 2017
  • Excellent Individual Prize in Summer Practice in Beijing - 2016
  • Merit Student in Beijing Forestry University - 2016
  • Student Association Activities Scholarship in Beijing Forestry University - 2015
  • Excellent Individual Prize in Social Practice in Beijing Forestry University - 2015
  • Second-Class Scholarship for Excellent Students in Beijing Forestry University - 2014 and 2016
  • Excellent Student Cadre in Beijing Forestry University - 2014 and 2015