Jaeleah Goor

Field assessment of bioswale bioretention system performance for reducing nutrient loading in urban storm water

Urban stormwater can significantly degrade water quality in downstream tributaries through an altered natural water balance and elevated phosphorus, nutrient, and chloride levels. Low impact development technologies, including bioretention cells, have recently become popular as a more sustainable and effective alternative to current stormwater management practices. This has contributed to widespread implementation of these systems without a thorough and local understanding of their environmental impact. Several bioretention cells have been installed alongside a major arterial road in London, Ontario in a strategic location in the Upper Thames River Watershed to consider the effect of stormwater management on Great Lake health. This project is expected to expand on past 'black box' studies to assess the performance of these systems and identify the dynamics controlling the mobility and transformation of nutrients and environmental contamination throughout the cells. In addition to the fate and transport of nutrients, phosphorus and chloride loadings are of key interest for this research. This research will also contribute to enhanced long-term performance of stormwater management practices through effective monitoring which can result in suitable maintenance regulations in a rapidly growing sector.

Personal Background

Jaeleah graduated from Western University in April 2017 with a bachelor's degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering and a certificate in International Development. Jaeleah's passion for research began during an NSERC funded undergraduate research position under the supervision of Dr. Gerhard, with a focus on executing smoldering reactions for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation: Reinvent the Toilet Challenge. After graduation, Jaeleah was enthusiastic to continue with RESTORE as an MESc student under Dr. Clare Robinson.


  • Environment and Sustainability Graduate Student Award - 2018
  • DeMarco Family Green Technologies Award - 2017
  • Global and Intercultural Engagement Honor - 2017
  • J.D. Hole Global Opportunities Award - 2016
  • Western International Learning Award - 2016
  • Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council Undergraduate Summer Research Award - 2015