Tiwee Pang

Discrete Fracture Modelling to Simulate DNAPL Remediation Technologies.

Groundwater contamination by dense nonaqueous phase liquids (DNAPLs) is a serious environmental problem. Many industrial sites where DNAPLs have been released to the subsurface are characterized by near-surface fractured rock or fractured clay deposits. The investigation and application of remedial technologies to DNAPLs in fractured environments is lagging far behind their application to sandy, unconsolidated media. At this time, the three technologies with the most promise and most research in any type of media are chemical oxidation, enhanced biodegradation, and surfactant flushing. This project involves developing a two-dimensional, multi-phase numerical model capable of simulating DNAPL migration, dissolution, and aqueous phase transport through discretely fractured porous media. The model will incorporate the reactive processes necessary to simulate the above mentioned in situ remediation technologies. The developed numerical model will then be employed to examine the benefits of applying these remediation approaches in fractured porous media settings.

Personal Background

TiWee moved to Scotland in 2001 and graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a Bachelor of Civil and Environmental Engineering in 2004. Upon graduation, TiWee found himself drawn towards the environmental industry and saw immense potential in this field in the coming years. Seeing this, together with a strong desire to advance his knowledge in this field, TiWee decided to continue as a PhD candidate in the Institute for Infrastructure and Environment under the supervision of Dr. Jason Gerhard at the University of Edinburgh (UoE). Upon graduation, TiWee is inclined to pursue his career in the area of Groundwater Contamination and Remediation.

Travel and Awards

  • September 2007: U.S. EPA/NGWA Fractured Rock Conference: State of the Science and Measuring Success in Remediation, Portland, Maine, U.S.
  • June 2007: Geological Society Bicentennial Conference, London, UK.
  • (Publication) Gerhard, J.I., Pang, T.W., and Kueper, B.H., 2006. Time Scales of DNAPL Migration in Sandy Aquifers Examined via Numerical Simulation. Journal of GroundWater, 45(2), pp. 147-157