Nikolai Mattison

Mobility of Nanomaterials through Porous Media.

Use of nanomaterials is growing exponentially. As a result of this growth nanomaterials are being used in a much wider range of applications than ever before and are finding their way into vast amounts of new products from industrial to consumer applications. These nanomaterials will inevitably find their way into the environment through the traditional channels of release. How exactly these particles interact with the environment is still not yet fully understood. Nikolai's research goals focus on investigating how mobile nanomaterials are in the subsurface.

Personal Background

Nikolai graduated from the University of Western Ontario in the spring of 2008. He completed the undergraduate Civil and Environmental Engineering program and earned a Bachelor of Engineering Science. At an early age Nikolai found himself drawn towards reading his Science books and volumes of the Encylopedia than reading literature or other works of fiction. This lead him to pursue the science and mathematics, which eventually made Engineering the obvious choice for his studies. Nikolai enjoyed applying science and technology in solving problems, and found solving problems dealing with the Environment to be the most rewarding.