Madiha Salman

Self-sustaining Treatment for Active Remediation (STAR)

STAR is an innovative technology for remediation of NAPL contaminated soils. The working principal of STAR involves the smoldering combustion of NAPLs in soil matrix. Most of the NAPLs are combustible in nature and release significant amounts of heat when burned. During smoldering NAPLs undergo exothermic oxidation reaction, leading to self-sustaining combustion process that results in highly efficient, in-expensive and promising remediation. Successful STAR experiments have been conducted at laboratory to field scale, with ranges of fuel types & concentrations, different soil types and varying air velocities. Routinely, greater than 99% of contaminant mass is destroyed in the process. Madiha’s research work involves further development of STAR technology via laboratory experiments.

Personal Background

Madiha graduated in Civil Engineering in 2001 from Pakistan. Following her graduation, she worked as a junior Civil Engineer on a hydropower project in Pakistan for almost three years. After coming to Canada in 2007 as a permanent resident, Madiha joined Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering in 2009 as a Graduate student. Since her childhood, Madiha loves natural beauty and resources. She is profoundly affected by the so-called “civilization activities” that are destroying these natural resources. Taking up challenges & problem solving has been Madiha’s passion. Being a part of the RESTORE team has provided her with the opportunity to respond to the challenge of solving geo-environmental issues, particularly groundwater contamination, and contribute towards reclamation of our natural environment.