Jacky Lee

Discharge of industrial groundwater contaminants to the Great Lakes

Numerous industrial brownfield sites with high levels of groundwater contamination are located along the shores of the Great Lakes. There remains little understanding of the potential release of groundwater contaminants from these sites to nearshore surface waters. However, this understanding is needed to assess the impacts on the contaminants on drinking source waters, recreational water quality and ecosystem health. This project focuses on quantifying the discharge of groundwater contaminants from a specific industrial site to Lake Erie and the risk of this discharge for source water protection planning. A groundwater-surface water model is been developed to quantify the discharge rates and contaminant transport rates. The groundwater-surface water interactions are also been measured including flow rates and groundwater and surface water quality to provide data for model testing.

Personal Background

Jacky completed my undergraduate education at University of Waterloo in 2010. Jacky majored in environmental engineering. During his undergraduate study, he worked in various consulting companies including Environmental Resource Management Hong Kong Limited (ERM) and Conestoga & Rovers Associates (CRA) through the co-op program provided by the university. For the last eight months of his co-op program, he worked in the Groundwater Modeling Department of CRA doing mainly coastal groundwater modelling related work. Jacky is currently enrolled in the MESc program offered by University of Western Ontario in order to learn more about groundwater modelling.