Ginevra Alessandra Perelli

Characterizing the Green Roof Growth Media

Green roofs are becoming a popular solution to manage the stormwater, to reduce the buildings energy consumption, and to provide many additional benefits. The growth media (or green roof soil) is one of the key components of the green roof system; indeed, the medium supports the vegetated layer by providing water and nutrients as well as contributing to the roof insulation. The objective of my research was to characterize the growth media through laboratory and field analyses, investigating hydraulic and thermal properties, and explore the relationship between the soil moisture content and the thermal conductivity. After completing my research at Western, I had the opportunity to extend my studies in Milan, investigating the preliminary application of thermal inertia principles to indirectly estimate soil moisture content on green roofs.

Personal Background

Ginevra completed her Bachelors Degree in Environmental and Land Planning Engineering in Italy, at Politecnico di Milano in September 2011. In October of the same year, Ginevra started her masters in Milan and on 2012 was selected for the Double Degree Program, which consists of accomplishing two MESc masters in three years in two different countries. She then joined the RESTORE group in September 2012 as graduate student and research assistant with the Green Roof Team. In 2014 she completed two master degrees in Environmental Engineering at Western University and at Politecnico di Milano.

Travel and Awards

  • Accomplished the MESc in Environmental and Land Planning Eng. at Politecnico di Milano Cum Laude
  • Erasmus Student Merit Scholarship (Politecnico di Milano)
  • Selected for the Double Degree (Politecnico di Milano)