Christopher Kocur

Mobility of Nano-scale Zero Valent Iron in Porous Media at NAPL Residual

Nano-scale Zero Valent Iron (nZVI) has been the focus of many studies in recent years aimed to remediate priority source zone pollutants. Reactivity experiments have well characterized the potential of nZVI as an electron donor for multiple reaction pathways which reduce persistent groundwater contaminants like heavy metals and chlorinated solvents. In addition to reactivity, deliverability to the source zone and mobility at the source zone must be considered before up-scaling nZVI to the field scale.

Personal Background

Chris came to Western for an Undergraduate Degree in Civil & Environmental Engineering and shows no sign of leaving anytime soon. Currently working on his Ph.D. after successfully graduating with an M.E.Sc. in Environmental Engineering. Chris has worked on a number of research projects at Western producing several publications. Chris currently works for CH2MHILL Canada Ltd. under an NSERC Industrial Post- Graduate Scholarship studying nZVI mobility and reactivity at the field scale. He is scheduled to defend his Thesis in late 2013.

Chris has participated in a number of extra-curricular activities in his time at Western. He has been a member of student council and has longstanding ties with the London chapter of the Canadian Society of Civil Engineers, a professional organization the London Area. He continues to be a student leader at Western and encourages all students, undergraduate and graduate, to get involved and explore the many cultural clubs, academic clubs, and interest clubs which are organized by students throughout campus. It is these extra-curricular opportunities, along with the top-tier research facilities provided at Western that will keep you around for another degree.

Travel and Awards

  • L.G. Sonderman Award - Geotechnical Research Center - 2011
  • NSERC - Industrical Post-Graduate Scholarship - 2010
  • Ontario Centers of Excellence - Conference Travel Scholarship - 2010
  • John Booker Award - Geotechnical Research Center 2008
  • Ontario-Baden Wurttemberg - Student Exchange - Summer Research Scholarship, University of Stuttgart, Germany, 2007
  • Walkerton Clean Water Center - Graduate Scholarship 2007
  • Canadian Federation of Engineering Students - Congress 2007 - Concordia University, Montreal
  • Engineering Student Societies Council of Ontario - Annual General Meeting - 2006
  • NSERC - Undergraduate Summer Research Award (Dr. Denis O'Carroll) - 2006
  • James Emerson Miles Award in Engineering - 2006
  • NSERC - Undergraduate Summer Research Award (Dr. Lindsay Anderson) - 2005
  • Lloyd W. Bracewell-Bracewell Engineering Inc. Award - 2005


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Other Contributions

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