Clayton Inculet

Characterization of DNAPL Source Zones with Down Gradient Concentration Signals.

Dense Non-Aqueous Phase Liquids (DNAPLs) such as chlorinated solvents throughout the last century have commonly been used in industry practices while through either improper disposal methods or accidental release, have often been found to be the source of groundwater contamination. Effective characterization of these DNAPL sources zones is crucial for the application of an effective remediation effort. Through the use of a multiphase numerical model, this project will attempt to evaluate the relationships between the source zone and down-gradient concentration signals at the field scale. The final goal being, with known concentration signals retrieved from minimally invasive down-gradient monitoring wells, an inverted modeling procedure can be applied to effectively define the up-gradient DNAPL source zone.

Personal Background

Graduated from The University of Western Ontario in 2008, with a Bachelor of Engineering Science (B.E.Sc.) degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering. Has always had a wild passion for the outdoors and natural environment which heavily influenced his decision to return to the environmental field as a graduate student in 2009 at The University of Western Ontario with the RESTORE team. Clayton is currently pursuing a Masters of Engineering Science (M.E.Sc) degree through his research with RESTORE.

Travel and Awards

  • August 2010: L.G. Soderman Award from the Geotechnical Research Centre at The University of Western Ontario.