Cjestmir de Boer

Mobility and Longevity of pre-Synthesis Stabilized Nano-scale Zero Valent Iron in Natural Porous Media

The goal of the project is to develop nano-scale zero valent iron (nZVI) to treat volatile organic carbon (VOC) contamination in the subsurface. This technology consists of pumping nanometals into the subsurface, that then flow with groundwater to a contaminated region, and then convert hazardous chemicals (ie. trichloroethene) to benign daughter products (ie. ethane). Zero valent iron has been shown to be effective in removing these contaminants in batch experiments. So far transport was mainly tested using commercially available nZVI, however these studies suggest that further work is required as commercial nZVI was prone to aggregation, resulting in low physical stability of the suspension and very short travel distances in the subsurface.

In this project nZVI is stabilized during synthesis to increase the physical suspension stability. However it is important to note that physical stability of the suspension should not be at the expense of decreased reactivity towards the contaminants. Therefore the synthesis will be optimized to produce the most stable suspension which is still reactive and stays reactive for an acceptable duration. Furthermore the stabilizing compounds should give a positive effect on the microbial activity in the subsurface after the reactivity of nZVI ceased. To reach this goal, column experiments and batch experiments will be performed to aid numerical simulations for long term reactivity predictions.

Personal Background

Cjestmir joined the RESTORE group in August 2012. He completed his MSc (2007) in Environmental Hydrogeology at Utrecht University, The Netherlands and his PhD (2012) in Environmental Engineering at the University of Stuttgart, Germany. Both his MSc and PhD research focused on the transport of commercially available nZVI during injection into the subsurface. He performed his research in the Research Facility for Subsurface Remediation (VEGAS) of the University of Stuttgart. He is experienced in building testing facilities ranging in scale from small batch systems to field pilot scale systems for testing of innovative remediation techniques. At Western he will continue his work on testing the transport of nZVI by extending the research using pre-synthesis stabilized nZVI and looking into the reactivity and longevity of this new stabilized nZVI to ultimately optimize the synthesized nZVI for field application.

Email: Cjestmir.deBoer@uwo.ca
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