Ambareen Atisha

Synthesis of iron nanoparticles to dechlorinate TCE, TCA and 1,2 DCA.

Groundwater contamination with chlorinated solvents has become one of the most important environmental concerns in the world today as these solvents provide long term contamination and cause risk to human health when consumed as drinking water. Nanoscale zerovalent iron particles are representative of one of the latest environmental remediation technologies that may offer enormous flexibility and cost-effective solutions for in-situ application. The objective of my research is to synthesize nanoscale iron particles in order to dechlorinate chlorinated compounds like TCE, TCA and 1,2 DCA.

Personal Background

I graduated from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) in 2001 which is known as the best university in Bangladesh. As I was very interested in environmental issues, in 4th year of my undergraduate studies, I selected Environmental Engineering as my major subject. After my graduation, I worked as a Civil Engineer for a very well known construction company in Bangladesh for 5 years. In addition, I worked as a French Teacher in Alliance Française de Dacca. I always wanted to do my Masters in Environmental Engineering abroad and I am very fortunate that I got that opportunity at the University of Western Ontario.