Dr. George Knopf

George K. Knopf is a Professor in the Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering and the Director of Western Engineering’s collaborative (MEng) Engineering in Medicine program. He has expertise in engineering design and advanced manufacturing processes. His research focuses on functional materials and fabrication processes for developing biosensors, bioelectronics and wearable technologies.

Past contributions have been to the development of intelligent systems for engineering design including studies on the characterization of micro geometry flaws in product data exchange, efficient packing of 3D parts for layered manufacturing, and the adaptive reconstruction of complex freeform surfaces. In recent years, the focus of research has significantly expanded in the areas of laser microfabrication, micro-optics and light driven technologies. These technologies include a unique approach to surface geometry measurement using an unconstrained range-sensor head [US patent 6,542,249], micro-optic element design for large area light guides and curtains, non-lithographic fabrication of metallic micro-mold masters by laser machining and welding, laser micro polishing and development of several bioelectronic devices that exploit the photoelectric signals generated by dried bacteriorhodopsin (bR) films.

Research Group

Dogan Sinar (PhD Candidate) - Inkjet printing and functionalization of graphene films

Anatoly Andrushchenko (PhD Candidate) - Laser modified printed graphene films on flexible substrates

Collaborators (National Research Council of Canada, London Ontario, Canada)

Dr. Evgueni Bordatchev - Specialty Coatings and Microfabrication, National Research Council of Canada

Dr. Suwas Nikumb - Automotive and Surface Transportation, National Research Council of Canada

Dr. Amarjeet Bassi - Department of Chemical & Biochemical Engineering, The University of Western Ontario

International Research Assistants (Undergraduate)

Mariana F. Merlin

Jose A.R. Hurtado

Francielle L. Cruz

Jehovah T.C. Neto

Mateus P. Camargo

Pedro M. Sakaguchi

Jan M. Müller

Lucas C. Novaes

Visiting Professors/ Research Scientists (International Collaborators)

Dr. Khaled Al-Aribe

Dr. Gideon Avigad

Ms. Erella Matalon-Eisenstadt