The history of the GRC.


In 1965, L.G. Soderman formed one of the first Soil Mechanics Sections in Canada at Western Unviersity. The Geotechnical Research Centre (GRC) emerged from this pioneering group in 1984.

The founding members of the GRC include: K.Y. Lo, M.N. Novak, R.M. Quigley and R.K. Rowe. This group envisioned a dynamic multidisciplinary collection of engineering researchers, scientists and engineers capable of interfacing with industry to solve problems of practical importance for both industry and government.

Today, the GRC has outstanding state-of-the-art research facilities, dedicated technical and administrative staff, and nine active core faculty members whose expertise spans a broad spectrum of geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering. In addition to grant supported research, graduate student training, short courses for professional engineers and research publications, the GRC also offers highly specialized contract research and services in the following areas: 

  • Stability of soil and rock slopes
  • Soft ground tunneling and tunnels in rock
  • Contaminant transport through soil and fractured rock
  • Soil and foundation dynamics
  • Static and dynamic soil-structure interaction analysis
  • Mineralogical and geotechnical characterization
  • Foundation engineering
  • Stability analysis of concrete and earth fill dams
  • Soil remediation and site restoration
  • Groundwater and geochemical modeling
  • Groundwater and surface water interactions

    The primary mission of the GRC is to conduct geotechnical, geoenvironmental and multidisciplinary research with emphasis on interfacing with industry. The GRC also contributes to the global competiveness of Canadian industry by training highly skilled master and PhD students while working on relevant projects. In addition, by interfacing with industry, the GRC maximizes the impact of research undertaken by its core members and associates. Some of the testing and design methodology developed by GRC are widely used in the industry.  

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