Abd El Kader, Ahmed PhD Soil structure interaction, foundation design, piles, pile raft, foundations under dynamic loads H. El Naggar
Abuhajar, Osama PhD Arching around buried box culverts, Geotechnical earthquake engineering. H. El Naggar
Ahmad, Saeed PhD Novel technique for measuring soil shear wave velocity H. El Naggar
Addai, Maame Kyeiwaa MESc Hydrodynamics of mine tailings in small lakes and ponds E.K. Yanful
Al Massri, Maha MESc Cantilevered and tie-backed walls in clay
T. Newson
Alam, Raquibul MESc Desulphurization of reactive mine tailings
J. Shang
Al-Bataina, Bilal PhD Green roofs D. O'Carroll
Al-Maamori, Hayder PhD Micro-tunnelling in Queenston shale of Southern Ontario H. El Naggar/ K.Y. Lo
AlNuaim, Ahmed PhD Innovative foundation systems H. El Naggar
Amegashie, Francis PhD Application of dispersed nano-zerovalent iron particles in the remediation of arsenic & chromium contamination E. Yanful
Atisha, Ambareen PhD Groundwater contamination and remediation. E. Yanful
Barker, Jessica MESc Feasibility of Aquifer Storage, Transfer and Recovery in the Coastal Areas of Bangladesh C. Robinson
Bazelatto Zanoi, Marco MESc 3D smoldering front propagation in the context of STAR technology development J. Gerhard
Chowdhury, Ahmed PhD Mobility of nZVI in the sub-surface under the influence of electro-kinetics. D. O'Carroll
Dadfar, Seyyed PhD Vulnerability of Canadian energy pipelines to seismic loading. H. El Naggar
Daee, Bahman PhD Soil structure interaction H. El Naggar
Damavandinejad, Sepideh MESc

Geotechnical engineering, soil mechanics

A. Sadrekarimi
Dehghani-Najvani, M. PhD Consolidation of soft soils by suing electrical vertical drains (EVD). S. Hinchberger
Diab, Mohammad PhD Optimum seismic design for moment resisting concrete structures. H. El Naggar
Drbe, Osama MESc Micropiles H. El Naggar
Ebrahimzadeh, Mehrnoosh MESc Detection of subsurface contamination and remediation by geophysical tools J. Gerhard
El Tawati, Abdalla PhD Geotechnical H. El Naggar
El-Takch, Ali MESc Liquefaction of Silt H. El Naggar
Fahmy, Ahmed PhD Performance of tapered torqued-down piles under static loading. H. El Naggar
Guo, Yu (Jack) PhD Electroosmotic dewatering of mine tailings. J. Shang/ K.Y. Lo
Gupta, Medhavi MESc Wastewater treatment for biohydrogen production H. El Naggar
Hasan, Tanzeer MESc Contaminant transport modelling for community risk assessment. J. Gerhard
Hassan, Ikrema PhD Remediation of selected environmental contaminants in soil and water. E.K. Yanful
Islam, Shriful MESc Thickening of oil sand mine tailing. J. Shang
Jarghi Araghi, Gholamreza MESc

Consolidation behavior of Ontarian soft clay deposits

A. Sadrekarimi
Kandlakuti, V. Reddy PhD Analysis and removal of pharmaceutical and personal care products from drinking water and wastewater using advanced oxidation process. E.K. Yanful
Kassem, Mahmoud PhD Industrial reuse of oil sand fine waste H. El Naggar
Khan, Muhammad PhD Investigation of 3-dimensional effects on excavations in Sarnia clay S. Hinchberger
Kim, Dong Hyun PhD Design and performance of tunnel portal structures in residual soils T. Newson
Kinsman, Laura MESc Scaling relationships of Self-sustaining Treatment for Active Remediation (STAR) J. Gerhard
Kiss, Jordan Alexander MESc Cyclic response of carbonate clay till beneath wind turbine foundations T. Newson
Kocur, Christopher PhD Mobility of nano-scale zero valent iron in porous media at NAPL residual D. O'Carroll
Kushnir, Caitlin MESc Modeling of lead dissolution in water distribution systems C. Robinson
Lardner, Tom PhD Tunnelling in swelling shale H. El Naggar/ K.Y. Lo
Lee, Jacky MESc Potential discharge of industrial groundwater contaminants to the Great Lakes C. Robinson
Miqdadi, Amro MESc Advanced oxidation process for treating water contaminated with ibuprofen and acetaminophen E.K. Yanful
Molnar, Ian MESc Transport and wettability of multi-component DNAPLs in the subsurface D. O'Carroll
Mousavi, Seyed PhD Numerical analysis of unsaturated soils for Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental problems E.K. Yanful
Naghavi, Naemeh PhD Geotechnical earthquake engineering and pile dynamics H. El Naggar
Nasr, Noha MESc Biohydrogen production from waste H. El Naggar
Nunez Garcia, Ariel MESc Degradation of chlorinated solvents by zero valent metals D. O'Carroll
Omar, Tarek MESc

Geotechnical engineering, soil mechanics.

A. Sadrekarimi
Paintsil, Arnold MESc Biodiesel production from waste vegetable oil and nonfood sources. E.K. Yanful
Perelli, Ginevra MESc Green roofs D. O'Carroll
Power, Christopher MESc DNAPL mapping by ground penetrating radar examined via numerical modelling. J. Gerhard
Sagi, Padmavathi PhD Foundation effects of trees under wind loads. T. Newson
Schmidt, Colin Josef MESc Static and dynamic response of Toyoura Sand reinforced with ordinary Portland Cement and PVA fibers T. Newson
Scholes, Grant MESc Self-sustaining treatment for active remediation (STAR) technology scale-up for field applications J. Gerhard
Sharmin, Rifath PhD Identification and removal of pharmaceutical and personal care products from different water matrices and biosolids E.K. Yanful
Siddique, Shumsun N. MESc Nanoparticle transport in the subsurface. D. O'Carroll
Sims, Andrew MESc   D. O'Carroll
Taha, Ahmed PhD The seismic performance of geogrid reinforced soils. M. El Naggar
Tas, Erol MESc Degradation of clay properties due to cyclic loading T. Newson
Tyldesley, Michelle MESc Geotechnical properties of clay till for wind turbine foundation design T. Newson
Varshoi, Alireza MESc Response of pile foundations to wind loads T. Newson
Vatasso, Thipphathong MESc Remediation of petroleum products using bio- remediation E.K. Yanful
Velasquez, Diego PhD Field of provision of safe drinking water and international development E.K. Yanful
Vogel, Laura PhD Microbial recreational water quality C. Robinson

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