Specialized Test Equipment

The Centre consists of several modern research laboratories, numerous micro- computers and workstations, and extensive access to the University's mainframe computers and super computer. In addition to the standard geotechnical and geoenvironmental laboratory equipment, the following specialized equipment are available for projects.


  • Computer Controlled Fixed Wall and Flexible Wall Hydraulic Conductivity.
  • Computer Controlled Triaxial Stress Path (Monotonic & Cyclic).
  • Resonant Column and Hollow Cylinder Apparatus.
  • Bender Elements.
  • NGI Direct Simple Shear for Testing Rock Joints, and Concrete-Rock Contact Strength.
  • Free Swell and Semi-Confined Tests for Swelling Rock and AAR Reaction.
  • High Capacity MTS Rock Testing Equipment.
  • Resonant Column Testing.
  • Test Pit for Conducting Half or Full Scale Tests of Piles, Tunnel Segments and Other Elements.


  • Various Compression and Extension Loading Machines up to 178 kN Compression and 960 kN Tension.

Advanced Concrete Technology

  • Malvern Laser Diffraction Particle Size Analyzer.
  • Freeze Thaw Cabinet.
  • Sonometer for Natural Frequency of Materials.
  • Chloride Ion Diffusion.
  • Micromeretics Nitrogen Adsorption Surface Area Analyzer.
  • Differential Scanning Calorimeter and Thermo-Gravimetric Analyzer for up to 1500C.


  • Helios-alpha Spectrophotometer - measurement of sample adsorption covering the wavelength range from 190 to 1100nm.  Can be used to quantify concentrations of many heavy metals, inorganic and organic constituents, biological materials, and water color.
  • Electrokinetic Cells and Model Tanks.
  • Diffusion Cells for Monitoring Oxygen through Unsaturated Soils.
  • 3 - Pressure Plate Extractors (1 to 100 Bar).
  • 2 - Walk-in Environmental Rooms.

Environmental Geochemistry

  • Mercury Intrusion Porosimeter.
  • Gas Chromatograph with Mass Spectrometer.
  • High Performance Liquid Ion Chromatograph.
  • Autotitration Apparatus.
  • Zeta Potential and Dynamic Light Scattering Particle Analyzer.
  • X-ray Diffraction (Earth Sciences).
  • Pore Water Squeeze Apparatus.
  • Inductive-Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometer (ICP-OES).
  • X-ray Fluorescence (Earth Sciences).
  • Scanning Electron Microscopy (Particle Research Facility)
  • Spectrophotometer.
  • Diffusion Cells for Monitoring Oxygen Diffusion through Unsaturated Soils
  • Pressure Plate Extractors (1-100 Bar).


  • Electrokinetic Model Tank for Strengthening and Consolidation.
  • Electrokinetic Cells.
  • Equipment for Measurement of Electrical Conductivity and Permittivity of Soils.

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