DYNA6.1 FAQs - PAGE 3 


Question:  Does the DYNA6 software address superstructure such as for a steam turbine?

Answer:  Yes, but assumes rigid body movement, which is justified for many cases depending on the dimensions of the tabletop.  If you want to consider flexibility of tabletop, the program provides frequency dependant stiffness and damping constants that can be used in FE to obtain the response to the dynamic loads.  In this case, DYNA6 can be used in the preliminary design until a foundation configuration is selected, then FE can be used to verify its suitability.

Question:  Is DYNA6.1 capable of analysing steel skid supported by driven steel piles when skid is 1m above soil surface?  This is a very common system for compressors in the oil/gas industry.  Can DYNA6.1 simulate screw piles?

Answer:  Yes, assume void along the pile for the first 1m.


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