Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering

M.Sc. (Warsaw University of Technology) 1974
Ph.D. (Virginia Tech) 1981

DR. FLORYAN's primary research interests are in in the area of flow control, dynamics of shear layers, micro-level fluid dynamics and heat transfer, and non-gravitational convection. The active research projects are listed below.

(i) Boundary layer flows in the presence of distributed surface roughness; turbulence control using surface modifications.

Objectives: to determine mechanisms through which surface roughness accelerates laminar-turbulent transition; to develop a methodology for analysis of boundary layers in the presence of an arbitrary roughness distribution; to develop a methodology for analysis of stability of boundary layers in the presence of an arbitrary roughness distribution; to design techniques for (active and passive) control of boundary layers using surface modifications.

(ii) Non-gravitational convection

Objectives: to determine fundamental properties of convection driven by surface tension as occurring in crystal growth processes under zero gravity conditions; to determine stability properties of such flows and transition regimes between steady and oscillatory convection; to determine limits of existence of non-isothermal capillary interfaces.

(iii) Topological bifurcations and moving boundary problems in flow systems.

Objectives: to develop numerical algorithms that can determine evolution of flow systems that induce changes in the shapes of their boundaries, e.g., shape of the solution domain is not known and is determined by dynamics of the flow system; to develop methods for prediction of rupture of fluid-fluid interfaces.

(iv) Passive cooling of electronic components

Objectives: to maximize free-convective cooling of electronic micro-components.

(v) Parallel computing.

Objectives: to develop massively parallel algorithms for solving the Navier-Stokes equations in complex geometries.

(vi) Asthma diagnosis.

Objectives: to diagnose state of a patient using sound signature.

KEYWORDS: flow control, flow optimization, stability theory, convective heat transfer, interfacial effects, interface rupture problems, magneto-fluid dynamics, moving boundary problems, spectral methods, immersed boundary conditions methods, parallel computing.

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