BASSI, Amarjeet S.

Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

P. Eng.
B. Tech. (Beneres Hindu University) 1980
M.E.Sc. (Saskatchewan) 1989
Ph.D. (Western) 1993

Dr. BASSI’s research group applies living microorganisms or their components such as proteins and enzymes to develop Green Processes and Products. The specific directions of research include:


The extraction and recovery of proteins and other value added materials for the biotechnology, biopharmaceutical and environmental industries is very important. Our group has developed the first circulating fluidized bed chromatography system in the world which can be scaled up or down. This technology has been demonstrated for protein and organic acid extraction and research is in progress on a number of different applications for biopharmaceuticals or bio-energy funded by the NSERC Idea to Innovation Grant, Western Innovation Fund and NSERC Strategic Special Project Grants.

We have successfully demonstrated the recovery of ORGANIC SOY PROTEINS from SOY POWDER using the pilot scale LSCFB ion-exchanger technology. Organically processed Soy Protein does not undergo any pH change or precipitation during extraction under mild conditions and thus is expected to retain the functionalities of native soy proteins.


We are exploring both enzymatic biodiesel production in green solvents or ionic liquids as well as biodiesel production from microalgae with simultaneous extraction and trans-esterfication. The process involves cultivation of microalgae on waste effluents and using CO2 from stack gas, and investigation of reactor and growth condition optimization strategies.


We have developed innovative technologies using bacteriorhodopsin as a biological signal transducer. Currently the research is focused on flexible bioelectronics and micro-scale optical valves.

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KEYWORDS: Bioenergy, Biofuels, Microalgae, Bioseparations, biosensors, bacteriorhodopsin, liquid solid circulating fluidized beds

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