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Prospective Applicants



Here is a list of frequently asked questions with answers. Please read them carefully before contacting me.

1. Q: What type of graduate students do you take?

A: To be my student, you must satisfy all the university requirements (such as the minimum TOEFL requirement). In addition, you should

o have a Bachelor's degree (or above) in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, or Nuclear Engineering from a reputable school with high GPA.

o have some previous research experience in the above areas (e.g., journal publications, conference presentations), or have won competitive national/international awards. A good transcript alone is often not sufficient!

o have excellent communication skills. A good TOEFL score alone is not sufficient.

o be highly motivated for and absolutely dedicated to academic excellence.

2. Q: Can I come to see you and introduce myself?

A: After initial correspondence, I would like to have an interview (whenever possible) of all prospective candidates. The purpose of the interview is to assess the applicant's academic background as well as communication skills. Detailed technical questions will be asked during the interview. For overseas students, telephone interviews may be arranged. You should not come to my office and expect to have an interview without prior arrangements.

3. Q: How/when to apply?

A: If you believe that you are qualified, you can formally apply by contacting the graduate secretary and apply on-line. Your application will be screened and ranked according to UWO internal guidelines. All successfully screened applicants will be made available to faculty members for possible admission. You should contact graduate secretary for all application related questions. If you wish to work with me, you should indicate it in your application.

4. Q: Will I receive financial support? How much is it?

A: Currently all my graduate students receive financial support through NSERC scholarships, OGS or OCGSST scholarship, teaching assistantship, or other university/government scholarships. Exact amount of funding varies from student to student, but it will be enough for you to get a student visa and to support an average student life. In the past, some students in my group have received sizeable extra research stipend in recognition of their outstanding academic performance. Self-funded students (e.g., foreign government scholarship) are welcome.

5. Q: How do I apply for a postdoctoral/visiting scholar position?

A: You should send me your resume electronically with a detailed list of publications, research/educational experience and sample publications, and suggest a few names of references who can comment on your research accomplishment and communication skills. If I find your background/record fits my current research activities, I will contact you for further details/interview. Applications for postdoc/visitor positions are accepted all year round. The exact level of financial support will depend on your research experience, academic accomplishment, and the availability of funds.

6. Q: What do your students/postdocs do after finishing working with you?

A: Most of my former students are working in R/D positions at high tech companies in north America. Three of them are university professors in Canada, USA and Europe.


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