Registration Portal FAQs

Western Engineering Outreach has recently switched to a new registration system to make it easier for families to register for our programs from year to year. Below are common questions, with answers about the new system. 


The web page is not loading or freezing, what do I do? 
Try using Chrome to access the website. 

I created a profile, but now I do not see any camps available on the dashboard? 
Click on "add a camper" to add your child's information and then click on their name from the dashboard in order to see available camps. 

I have selected my camps, but where do I go to pay? 
Click on the shopping cart in the top right corner to continue to the payment screen. 

I have tried all these suggestions, but it is still not working.
Call our office at 519-661-2111 x88826 or email us at for further assistance.