Leaders in Training Program

We have expanded and are going virtual!

The Western Engineering Outreach Leaders in Training (LiT) program has expanded to be offerred during the school year. This program will challenge youth to develop personal leadership qualities through workshops, seminars and games. With sessions on communication, teamwork, professionalism, and goal setting LiT's will be encouraged to explore and develop their own skills. This program is open to students currently in grade 9 to 12.

LiT's will then be placed in an existing Western Engineering Outreach program to shadow a mentor instructor and to put their knowledge and experience in action. This shadowing is also supported by daily check-in's and reflections. 

Hours completed during the shadow sessions are eligible to count for high school volunteer hours. 

When is this offered? 

Winter 2021 LiT I - Registration closed

Instructional sessions will be offered February 27-March 27 on Saturdays from 9am-11am. Students will be given a selection of shadow sessions once they are registered in the LiT I program.

Summer 2021 LiT I - Registration is now OPEN 

Instructional sessions will be offered July 5-9 from 9am-3pm. Shadowing will occur over the following two weeks. An introduction to leadership and behaviour management, this course teaches students the tools to be assertive leaders in the classroom and life. Participants will get a taste of teaching in the classroom and will learn a variety of skills including: active listening, teaching remotely and professionalism.

Summer 2021 LiT II - Registration is now OPEN

Instructional sessions will be offered July 26-30 from 9am-3pm. Shadowing will occur over the following four weeks. This follow-up session to LiT I gives students more experience in developing and leading their own activities as compared to LiT II and is a great option for those looking to increase their job qualifications.

What is the cost? 

The LiT I program is $100 and includes a LiT kit delivered to the student's home. 

The LiT II program is $150 and includes a LiT kit delivered to the stuent's home.  

How do I apply? 

Registration using our online portal!

There are also a limited number of bursaries available for this program. Learn more.

Note: All programs for students in Grade 9-12 are subject to HST charges, which are included in your cost of registration. The HST# for Western University is 108162587RT001.