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Fall/Winter 2010

Western engineered toilet valve now saving water
Western News | November 23, 2010
When Masco Canada was looking to expand one of its tried and true products with an environmental feature, the plumbing giant tagged a pair of engineers from The University of Western Ontario to flush its problem away. Tony Straatman and Kamran Siddiqui, two Western Engineering professors who specialize in mechanical engineering, were asked to re-configure a mechanical valve known as the Teck® II that has been used in toilets for more than 80 years.
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Professor Slobodan Simonovic releases new textbook on disaster management
By Mphatso Mlotha | November 22, 2010
“Alleluia!" is the opening word found in the forward section of Slobodan P. Simonovic’s new textbook, Systems Approach to Management of Disasters: Methods and Applications. The forward, written by Professor Emeritus Dr. Burton, emphasizes the long awaited arrival of a book, published in a way to revise and revolutionize approaches to management of disasters.
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National Scholars Event: A passion for the pursuit of learning
By Mphatso Mlotha | November 5, 2010
Western Engineering took great pride and pleasure in recognizing the accomplishments of its National Scholars at a special event held Thursday, October 14 at Michael’s Gardens. The newest recipients include: Kaiz Alarakyia, Lauren Cuthberston, and Anish Srinivasan Naidu.
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United Way Stair Climb: Taking it one step at a time
By Mphatso Mlotha | November 4, 2010
Hearts were pumping, legs were stretched and cheers roared as faculty, staff and students stepped their way up 472 stairs at One London Place on November 4, helping to raise funds for Western’s United Way campaign.
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Western rated best student experience for ninth year
Western Engineering News | October 28, 2010
For the ninth year in a row, The University of Western Ontario received top marks in the category 'Most Satisfied Students' in The Globe and Mail's annual Canadian University Report. A new feature of the report, Working Knowledge, takes a career-focused look at the links between undergraduate degrees and employment, arranged by seven fields of study including Engineering and Technology. Western Engineering was ranked among the top schools in the areas of Quality of Education, Career Preparation and Labs and Equipment.
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Out of the red | October 28, 2010
The Danube River is famously blue, but after a recent toxic waste spill in Hungary, parts of it were flooded with a sickly red slurry. If a Canadian researcher has his way, the red mud that caused disaster last week could turn very useful indeed, by converting the substance into fuel. Franco Berruti, director of ICFAR, explains how this transformation could take place.
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Western forecast calls for WINDEE future
Western News | October 28, 2010
As Western sets out to make history with the world’s first hexagonal wind tunnel, the building itself will be an experiment in science and engineering. Not to take chances on the full-scale facility, Hangan, a Faculty of Engineering professor, uses the mini-dome, standing at about one-tenth full-scale size, as a testing ground to ensure that any construction adjustments are made before it turns into bricks and mortar.
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Wind tunnel bridges industry and research for over 40 years
Western News | October 28, 2010
Western houses the first boundary layer wind tunnel in the world to test man-made structures, such as buildings and bridges. Built in 1965, the first wind tunnel (BLWT 1) can test wind speeds up to 55 miles per hour. The second wind tunnel (BLWT 2), erected in 1984, can test wind speeds up to 100 miles per hour. Both wind tunnels are currently in use today.
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Fund fueling a self-cleaning future
Western News | October 21, 2010
Chemical and biochemical engineering professor Paul Charpentier, who recently received $30,000 from the Western Innovation Fund, is examining how plastic coatings based on polyurethanes can be used for a new generation of self-cleaning, anti-microbial polymer films on various surfaces.
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State Farm invests more than $94,000 in research on building safer homes
Canadian | October 19, 2010
State Farm has partnered with the University of Western Ontario's Insurance Research Lab for Better Homes (IRLBH), also known as the "Three Little Pigs Project," to help discover ways to make homes safer and building materials stronger. Since December 2009, State Farm has invested $94,181.80 towards research initiatives with the IRLBH.
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Homecoming 2010
Western Engineering News | October 3, 2010
Western Engineering welcomed approximately 120 alumni back to campus for Homecoming 2010. Engineering alumni and friends gathered in the Claudette MacKay-Lassonde Pavilion for the annual Western Engineering Open House before the football game. Students, faculty and staff were in attendance at the event to reminisce with our alumni and friends, while showcasing our areas of strength.
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Go ENG Girl: An active learning experience
By Mphatso Mlotha | October 2, 2010
Western Engineering opened its doors to over 120 girls in grades 7 – 10, and their parents, on Saturday, October 16, 2010 for the 6th annual Go ENG Girl event. Go Eng Girl is an annual one-day free event that occurs across engineering schools in Ontario. The event encourages girls to attend and learn about the dynamic programs, benefits and wonderful world of Engineering: “A helping profession.”
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Western Engineering student selected as president of the AUTO21 HQP Advisory Committee
Western Engineering News
The AUTO21 Highly Qualified People Advisory Committee (HQPAC) executive has announced Mehdi Farrokhnejad, a Mechanical & Materials Engineering PhD student at The University of Western Ontario, will assume the role of president of the HQP Advisory Committee.
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Western Engineering doctoral student receives the The Michael Smith Foreign Study Supplement
Chemical Engineering doctoral student Federico Berruti recently received The Michael Smith Foreign Study Supplement, a special award that “supports high calibre Canadian graduate students in building global linkages and international networks through the pursuit of exceptional research experiences at research institutions abroad.” Berruti is currently studying at the Universidad de Zaragoza (UNIZAR), in Zaragoza, Spain, at the Grupo de Procesos Termoquímicos under Dr. Jesús Arauzo, until the end of 2010.
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Ernest Yanful receives Geoenvironmental Engineering award of the Canadian Geotechnical Society
Western Engineering News
Civil & Environmental Engineering department chair, Ernest Yanful, was presented with the Geoenvironmental Engineering award of the Canadian Geotechnical Society (CGS) at the 63rd Canadian Geotechnical Conference in Calgary this past September. Yanful received this award based on his tremendous contributions in the field of geoenvironmnetal engineering. Read more about Ernest Yanful.
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Research Centre at Forefront of Renewable Energy Technology
Invest in Middlesex Fall 2010 e-Newsletter | October 2010
In a world hungry for clean, renewable energy, a project near Ilderton is making great strides toward achieving that goal. Researchers from the University of Western Ontario are developing ways to turn agricultural waste products into fuel, a process that holds great promise and could be used in many applications.
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Global warming insurance
Canadian Geographic | October 2010
Extreme weather is topping the list of insurance claims. A team of engineers [at Western] are simulating extreme rain, wind and snow on its “Three Little Pigs” house. The insights they are gathering will help identify ways to make buildings that can withstand the very things you insure them against.
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Solar dish research focused on future
Western News | September 23, 2010
Do you remember as a kid using a magnifying glass to generate intense heat to burn a leaf? Technology has come a long way since then, and the work of Western Engineering professor Kamran Siddiqui in the area of solar energy research is taking the use of this free energy resource to new levels.
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Western Engineering finds new way of utilizing solar farms at night
Western News | August 16, 2010
New technology from The University of Western Ontario utilizing photovoltaic (PV) solar farms at night will help in connecting more renewable energy sources like wind turbines to Ontario's grid, increasing power transmission limits, and providing a low-cost way of improving grid voltages and system performance.
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