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Discovery Grants

Sixty-six researchers in the Faculties of Engineering, Social Science, and Science have been awarded Discovery Grants totaling $9,319,714 by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) for 2004.

Congratulations to the following engineering recipients:

  • Abid, Zine-Eddine (Electrical and Computer)
    Design of semiconductor devices and development of circuit techniques for very-deep-submicron silicon technology.

  • Bartlett, Michael (Civil and Environmental)
    Characterizing emergency vehicle weights for existing bridge evaluation.

  • Berruti, Franco (Chemical & Biochemical)
    Feed jets-fluidized bed interactions: fundamentals and applications.

  • Dounavis, Anestis (Electrical and Computer)
    Design/verification methodologies of VLSI circuits.

  • El Naggar, Hesham (Civil and Environmental)
    Innovative foundations for earthquake resistant structures.

  • Ghenniwa, Hamada (Electrical and Computer)
    Adaptive agents and multi-agent systems for autonomic computing.

  • Jiang, Jin (Electrical and Computer)
    An experimental facility for research in fuel cell applications.

  • MacDougall, John (Electrical and Computer)
    Digital inosodes for geospace monitoring with Glenn Hussey

  • Margaritis, Argyrios (Chemical & Biochemical)
    Novel bioprocess development and immobilized cell bioreactors.

  • Mequanint, Kibret (Chemical & Biochemical)
    Cardiovascular tissue engineering.

  • Miller, Craig (Civil and Environmental)
    Structure and modeling of tropical cyclone boundary layers.

  • Moallem, Mehrdad (Electrical and Computer)
    Development of intelligent mechantronic systems for flexure control.

  • Moschopoulos, Gerasimos (Electrical and Computer)
    New Ac/Dc power electronic converters for industrial applications.

  • Parsa, Vijay (Electrical and Computer)
    Spatial sound processing measurement system with Susan Scollie

  • Samani, Abbas (Electrical and Computer)
    Nonlinear elasticity reconstruction technique for breast MR elastography.

  • Stergiopoulos, Stergios (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
    Implementation of adaptive processing for 3D ultrasound imaging and diagnostic intracranial ultrasound.

  • Youssef, Maged (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
    Fire resilience of seismically damaged RC frames and 2. Seismic behavior of modular steel structures.


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