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For years, we have offered a combined program which allows students to get an Engineering degree and earn an MD in 7 years VS 8 years. Students spend their first 3 years of University with us and then apply to the Schulich School of Medicine.  Once accepted, the students complete 4 years of med school, while at the same time making up their fourth year of engineering. Finally, the students go on to do their residency.   

What’s Changing?
Currently, our students have to compete with all other applicants for a spot in med school (on average, there is approximately 400-500 med school applicants). Starting September 2005, the Schulich School of Medicine will reserve 3 designated spots for our students specifically. Our students can apply to med school in their 3rd year, but only have to compete against each other.

As medicine advances and becomes increasingly technical, having a cohort of doctors who understand the engineering/technical side of medicine has become increasingly important (i.e. surgical robotics, artificial grafts etc.).  Society needs doctors who can balance both sides of the equation and find new answers to old problems.   

Also, statistics show that engineering students have a growing interest in the field of medicine.  Having designated spots for engineering students will ensure we create a network and support group for these students so they are provided with the mentorship they need to make career choices and have residency programs tailored to their skill sets.  

This program is unique to Western and we are extremely excited for its start.  There are currently 8 students who are eligible and interested in this program for 2005, but we are sure that number will only increase every year.


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Last Updated: 23/08/04